Friday, September 24, 2004

Hmm, the pictures aren't working on Blogger, I'll just zip them and send them to you next time I catch you on AIM.

These are some pictures from the Bush rally. Posted by Hello

We finally got the pictures developed from the Bush rally here in Eau Claire, I'll work on getting them scanned tonight and posted if I can find somewhere to host them, I think blogger can, if not I'll post them on the off topic forum in the official Flashpoint forums. I got a couple good shots of bush's face, but nothing to good. I was using a normal camera, and I just had to hold it above my head and guess where he was standing. I got 1 good one and 2 where I just completely missed. Then I have a picture of one of the guys who was on the roof of the factory looking through binoculars, in the picture you can't see it, but earlier they had come out onto the roof and set a rifle down right about where the guys feet were. I also got some good shots of Air Force one, and a couple shots of a blackhawk that was flying around the place Bush was.

I finally got Black and White to work too, it's by far one of the best games I've ever played. It has amazing physics and damage model for a game that's not that new. Also, the AI is really awesome and is probably the best part of the game, decided how you want to play through it, good or bad.

Anyways I'll hopefully get those pictures up tonight.