Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'll drop by on AIM about 8 or 9 tonight to see if your on. The coupon I have to Best Buy expires Tuesday, so I gotta decide before then.

Yeah, your right about LAN, how many computers are we gonna have? Are you going to bring both your laptops? I wonder if my sister will even let me bring hers. I'll try to convince her though.
I got the router, and I'll bring a couple ethernet cables incase the wireless goes wacky. I'll try to convince her though.

What do we have to play on LAN? Cannon Smash, Soldat, and Homeworld2 might work. Operation Flashpoint would work and I got some really cool WWII addons if we wanna try those out. I'll burn all those and all my Multiplayer missions in Flashpoint to a disc. I'm sure Operation Flashpoint could run on your computers. I guess there is Rise of Nations, and I think in RoN LAN doesn't use CD-Keys, you can connect with just 1 copy, so I'll bring Thrones and Patriots just for kicks.

I guess yah, we do have alot of stuff, and the WWII mod for OFP is like 380mb it's pretty much a total conversion, most things are changed, I think the only thing that stays are the Civilian textures and some of the building textures. Then there is always the mission editor in OFP if we run out of missions.

I just read that Tiger Woods 2005 is coming out in September, I don't really want to wait, and in a golf game not much changes, probably only physics and a couple courses.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Yeah, I guess we better figure out what we're going to bring. I guess I never really thought about it, since if we're setting up a LAN there, that gives us a lot of possibilites, lol. But yeah, for car rides and stuff, it'd be good to have a GBA game. And I still have to find my GBA, lol. And I don't like the SPs either. Yeah, Zelda is always good. Also, Mario Golf: Advance Tour is probably really good. I remember I loved the GBC Mario Golf that you had, I was like obsessed with that one year. And IGN gave MG:AT a 9.5, I think. They also gave Ultimate Card Games a 9.5, lol.

Well, I guess with Plum Lake coming up fast we gotta decide what we're gonna bring pretty soon. I think instead of going out and buying Hidden and Dangerous 2 this weekend I might go pick up Tiger Woods 2004.

The other game I was looking at was The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. One of our old neighbors was into games and he said that he thought it was pretty cool. I haven't had time to read any IGN reviews yet but I probably will by tomorrow.
This is the link to EBgames

By the way, I just noticed that in the MP demo of Hidden and Dangerous 2 there is a server running games now, and people actually play it, at about 1 o'clock today 51 people were playing the demo. I'll be around tomorrow night probably if we wanna give it a shot, sucks though, I just checked and Ventrilo is still down. Dan said that they'll have it back up by Monday probably. Maybe we should get another program like BattleCom or whatever you used to use, just as a backup to Ventrilo.