Friday, May 21, 2004

Hey I told David to tell you I had a question for you. Well anyways my German teacher gave me a burned CD of alot of german music, and I emailed myself home the german songs that the beatles did. But from the school computers I couldn't actually rip the CDs so I just took the 2 songs from the CD, so now here at my house I'm stuck with a couple of .cda (CD Audio I think) files. DBpowerAmp won't let me convert the files from my hard drive though, it says I need to convert .cdas from the CD drive. So does that mean Im gonna have to burn a CD with just those 2 songs on it to get them converted to .wav or .mp3 files? Or is there some other way to get past it.

The songs she gave me are pretty sweet, she gave me the german version of "Barbiegirl" by Rammstein, it's pretty funny.