Saturday, April 10, 2004

Well, scratch that. I guess we're going to The Alamo tonight at 6.45, won't be back until like 9.30 or 10. If you want to play then, I'll be online.

Hey Eric, doing anything tonight? Maybe we could meet up and play. Name your time, I think any time works for me.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Speaking of BF1942 I was playing the battle of britain. We got 4 guys into a He111 (Pilot,Nosegun,Tailgun,Bottom Gun). It was pretty cool. We were shooting down spitfires that were coming up on our tail, lol and to top it all off a Bf109 was flying off our right wing.

I also played Omaha Beach which is a really fun map if your not getting shot up by te MG42s in the bunkers, oh well a couple of grenades clears out the bunkers really well.

Are you doing anything Thursday either? Because I'm not and was wondering if maybe we can play tomorrow night. Right now I'm still downloading things I need for this computer and I gotta do some weird FCE homework. I'll try to get AIM on this computer right now so I can at least talk.

I'm up for FS9 or RoN, MOHAA, whatever you want that I have installed. Oh, and the BF1924 Wake Island demo, too.

Yeah I should be free tonight. You got anything specific in mind ya wanna do? If ya do what time were you thinking of.

Hehe, yeah that Dell system is awesome. Let me know if you're free tonight - I've got nothing going on.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I played an hour of Omaha Beach online with 38 people and then I played with AIs on wake island. There is no lag on high with 1024x768 resolution on this computer, its awesome. I'll probably just download americas army tomorrow.

I got BF1942 installed and right now I'm downloading the v1.6 patch. Before on our linksys network I got like 30-40kb/s right now I am getting 245kb/s Maybe its cause EA has really good servers, anyways it's still fast either way.

Maybe before I got to bed I'll start the download for America's Army. Then it will be done in the morning.

Hey, dan has RoN so maybe we can get 3 people going on it.

Woohoo, I got my Dell and I'm using it right now. Its awesome. Tonight I gotta go to a tuba lesson but I'll probably be able to get RoN, BF1942, and AIM installed. Thats what I'm shooting for right now and if I'm lucky I'll get OFP installed. Ya know maybe I'll just install BF1942 for now, and do that stuff tomorrow, we'll see.

These speakers actually sound pretty good (A425 2.1 speakers) The subwoofer is nice and the speakers aren't that bad for 40 bucks.

Monday, April 05, 2004

That's awesome about your computer. Hehe, bet you'll be playing it all day Friday, lol. That'd be cool to meet up on Friday to play RoN or something.

I went over to a friend's house along with a few other friends and I was able to fly my Aerobird - he's got a ton of room at his house, so I was able to get it up and flying and not crash. But then I let one of them fly it - he's spent like $1000 on RC glow planes and builds and flies RC planes that are a lot faster and harder to fly then my Aerobird, but he crashed it into the fence and it got stuck there, lol. The wing snapped in half, and the motor doesn't run for longer than like 5 seconds anymore. The motor just dies after that. But that happened before and I just let it sit around for a few days and that fixed it, so I think it'll be fine. He's going to buy me a new wing too, but we were even able to just glue up the crashed wing together with 5 minute epoxy, so I think it'll be fine.

My Dell is in Hodgkins, Illinois right now. UPS said it should be here tomorrow. I have Friday off this week and maybe we'll be able to play RoN. I might be playing BF1942 with Dan though. I'll have to see. He also is talking about going out and buying Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The multiplayer in that game seems really cool.