Saturday, April 03, 2004

Who is Solidus Snake really? Is he another clone of Big Boss?

Today I watched the E3 and TGS trailers of MGS:SE again. I picked out only a couple things:
-Trailer says "Battle of the reptiles". Possibly refering to Snakes?
-Trailer says "How do you like your snake? Raw? Well done? We recommend Solid. It doesn't mater, you are the eater." So maybe the game is based around Solid Snake?
-in the background of one part the numbers 1961,1962,1963,1964 cycle through.
-in the TGS trailer there is an outline of some type of robot walker, probably another MGS (EGM pointed that out)
-In the part where "snake" is walking away from the burning house (this is where every one says he has one eye) it possibly could be a missing eye, but it is too hard to tell. His bandana is really far down, almost covering the eye and it is kinda purple-red, so it might just be a bruise.

Other than those, not much I notice.

In the E3 trailer (somewhere around 8:20) "snake" comes out of the bushes and a guard is starting a motorcycle. Snake yells freeze, and holds him at gunpoint. The guard turns around and says, "What is this another grand theft auto?" Snake says, "No a sneaking mission". The guard drives away and yells back "Go eat snakes" Then it transitions to the part where snake is eating a snake.

Woohoo, I just got the shipping confirmation from Dell. It just shipped yesterday and UPS says it should be here between April 7-9, thats Wednesday and Friday. I can't wait.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Hmm, I wonder about Aces High... I really don't think AH has any spyware or anything. I mean, it's a small company, like only half a dozen people. I don't think they would bundle spyware into AH. And I'm pretty sure that my spyware came from some sites that David was at. I looked at some of the files and they all had been created in the morning one day when David was home sick. I think the stuff on my computer came from some online browser games he was playing or something.

That'd be cool, to have XP installed on your Gateway. You could run iTunes off of it then, and keep all your mp3s on your dad's pc.

Oh, me and a friend at school are working together on a chemistry project lab where we get to choose our own topic. We're going to do some experiments with engine combustion, just with some chemicals in a lab, and then we're going to give a presentation to the class on how a combustion engine works. We've found some really cool stuff, like an external combustion engine called the Sterling engine, and a Wankel rotary engine for RC planes, like the kind that Mazda has in the RX-7. Here's a link to a page with the RC Wankel from Tower Hobbies, and a couple steam engines for RC boats. Those would be cool too. link
We thought about buying one of those RC Wankels - I saw them on Ebay for like $130 - but I think we're going to buy the cheapest 2-stroke we can find instead and use that in our demonstration. Check this one out:
$30, and it's so tiny! 2 inches by 2 inches by .78 inches! That would be so awesome!
But I think we might get this one instead:
It's an RC car engine, and it has a pull start on it so we wouldn't have to buy an electric starter. Anyway, I love looking at these tiny engines.

My dad is talking about reformatting my gateway and installing XP on it, that would be pretty cool.

There is an article where Mr. Mori, the military advisor for MGS, talks about CQC in MGS3 on IGN its at:

Huh, I was talking to Dan today at school about my computer getting all that spy ware on it, and he said that happened to him too. You told me it also happened to you so I was wondering what all our computers had in common and you know what. Everyone of our computers has Ace's High on it. Do you think there is any connection?

ok, cool. I'll probably still have to re-format, because I can't even get to the internet its so full.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wow, that sucks about your Gateway. You might want to try running Ad-Aware from and your antivirus software. Like a week after we got our new one it somehow got full of spyware and crap and I ended up running those three things and it fixed it. Ad-Aware is basically the same kind of program as Spybot, but it has its own database of known spyware files and will find stuff that Spybot will miss. And Spybot will get rid of stuff that Ad-Aware will miss, so I run both when I'm cleaning out spyware.

Right now for a firewall, we're using the 90 day free trial of the McAffee firewall that came preloaded on our PC, but I like ZoneAlarm better. That's what I used on our old computer and it worked fine. You can download the free version at That's really the best free firewall I know of. There are a few others, like My Personal Firewall, but they're more for advanced users. I haven't taken the time to figure them out. ZoneAlarm worked fine for me. McAffee does basically the exact same thing, it has like the exact same interface. I prefer ZA just cause I like it's colors better. I'm planning on loading that when our 90 day trial is up, instead of buying McAffee.

My Gateway got spammed to death. There is so much adware, spyware, and trojans it's crazy. I can't boot Internet Explorer because the adware is too busy using my CPU power to spam me. The second I boot 50 spyware programs boot and my computer downloads a internet casino. I ran spy bot search and destroy but it only can do so much. I'm probably gonna have to reformat the drive, its gotten that bad.

Today Novalogic released a demo of Joint Operations on the Nvidia site, it doesn't go mainstream until April 1st, but for now the demo is on Nvidias site, I don't have a computer to run it yet though :(

With my dad's computer's IP messed, my computer having about 30kb/s download speed, and the spamming incident, I've decided to go wired with my Dell. Sunday I went and got 50 ft of ethernet cable. I also decided to get a firewall so I don't get my computer turned into a spam bot, what are some good firewalls?

Oops, I accidentally hibernated my sisters computer, oh well it works now.

Still, nothing from dell.

I bought Ghost Recon at Best Buy for 20 bucks, its on greatest hits now so it's really cheap.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Still nothing from dell. I hope sometime I get an email they they have started shipping.

lol, I never thought of that, alt being altitude, oops.

I'm not sure if BF1942 can run on one CD, if not I bet there are tons of no cd patches for it. But like you said we can just download the demo too.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Wow, that's awesome now to be able to bomb accurately. I like the Ki-67s for bombing. I think that's what they're called. They have formation flights and a payload close to the B-17s I think, but they're way faster and more maneuverable. One thing though, I found out you don't have to hold down alt when you click on the target on the map, it says like "click map to set target alt" or whatever because the bombsight calculates where to aim itself based on the altitude, or alt for short, of what you click on on the map.

I know my mom's laptop runs BF1942 well enough that David doesn't mind it. My dad's laptop is basically the same model so I'd assume that would too. From what I've seen on it it's a bit laggy, but David doesn't seem to mind. That would definitely be fun. Do you know if you can run BF1942 on a LAN on lots of computers with the same CD? Because otherwise we could still just do the demo, that has Wake Island which is a pretty fun map.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yesterday I played AH with dan and I finally figured out the bomb sights. I dunno if you figured it out yet but here is anyways. I'm writing this from memory so it might not be perfect.

Move to pilot seat.
Hit F6 to enter bomb sight(or one of the F keys)
Press U to enter calibration mode
Hit Y for 2 seconds while using the joystick to keep the cross hair on exactly the same spot.
Hit Esc to bring up map, hold down ALT and click on where the target is on the map.
(Now on the calibration thing everything should be yellow)
Then hit U again to exit calibration
Now everything in the upper left hand corner should be green (execpt bomb bay doors)
Bombsight should be angled forward now, sometime before the crosshair gets to the target open your bomb bay doors
now when the crosshair is on the target drop the bombs.

I couldn't get it to calibrate right on the B26B or the B17G, but I did calibrate the Boston III, one time.

Dan and I kept bombing this one city, but only with 2 people it goes really slow.

lol I also figured out the bail out for once too, thats awesome. You hit Enter a bunch of times to jump out and then O to open your chute. When you get on the ground you can run around as a person, you can't do anything like shoot, but you can run, and if you hit the button to go back to the tower it doesn't say you died. I bailed out once, but then a 37mm Flak hit me in the ankle, ouch.

Does both your mom's and dad's laptop run Battlefield 1942? and does it run without alot of lag? because that would be fun for Memorial day weekend.