Saturday, March 27, 2004

Anyways, I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna watch Saturday Night Live and then go to sleep. So I'll be off AIM now.

I played Battlefield Vietnam at Dan's this weekend. It's fun but I would say if you wanna buy something save 10 bucks and get 1942 first.

I also noticed at Best Buy Splinter Cell: Panora Tomorrow is out on PC now. Maybe I'll cancel my PS2 preoder of it and buy it on PC instead, because then you, dan, and I could all play online together.

But I guess if you bought BF1942 you, dan, and I could all play together too. SCPT is more expensive right now so I'd say to wait.

I haven't heard anything from Dell lately now. At the most my computer should be here in 15 days, but thats at most.

I'm on AIM for now.

Friday, March 26, 2004

1942 works on my mom's laptop. Dave and I were playing LAN with the demo the whole day today. Hehe, it's so fun. Dave actually beat me once, too. We played Aces High a little bit on LAN too, but you really need more people. It's way too slow otherwise.

Nevermind, Im going over to dans to try AH on LAN

I'm off AIM for now. I'm pretty tired and am gonna go sleep.

What are the specs for your laptop, because BF1942 would be fun on LAN. It has co-op where it can be human players against AIs it would be cool if it worked.

The specs for BF1942 are:

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP (Not Compatible with Windows NT and 95)
Processor: Pentium 500 MHz or Higher
Video Card: 32 MB 3D Video Card
Hard Drive: 1.2 GB HD
CD-ROM: 4x or Faster

That would be alot of fun to play on LAN. I'll be on AIM for now.

Hey, does Battlefield 1942 have a LAN mode, and can you run it off a bunch of computers with one cd? Cause that would be so sweet to do that over Memorial Day weekend, probably more fun than AH since it'd be faster paced. Or we can probably get a no cd patch anyway. That would be seriously awesome.

Ooh, BF1942. Swweet. I'm downloading the multiplayer demo right now since I don't think I'll have the money to buy it in the foreseeable future. Top priority for me is to get enough money for my ZZ. If you wanted to play BF1942 online and you wanted to download the demo, we could do that.

Woohoo, we had our first performance of Oklahoma tonight! I'm in the pit orchestra, so we've been practicing for the last month or two and tonight was our first one. We'll do it again on Friday, well, I guess that's today now, and Saturday. It was actually really good - all the actors are so good and really funny. It's kinda unbelievable how good they are. It was a pretty big success, the audience really loved it and by the end of the evening they were even laughing at the serious bits that weren't even supposed to be funny. So that was fun. Anyway, are you on spring break right now? I have today, Friday, off, so I'll be free all day except until 6.30 when I have to leave for Oklahoma again. If you are on spring break, let me know if ya want to meet online. Otherwise, I probably won't be home until like 10.30 tomorrow night, but if you want to play then, that's fine too, hehe...

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Yeah, Yellow is fine.

I bought BF1942 today. I don't have the computer yet, but the instruction manual sure is fun ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oh, I forgot to say that the Zig Zags come in green and yellow. I call green, hehe. Unless you want it, but if you don't care, I want green. GREEEEEENNNNN!!! Hehe. I should probably go to bed now. I think I'm dangerously tired. But I did do that mod to my fm tx where all I did was take off the screws, take off the case, turn the twisty thing, and put the case and screws back on. Tada. Now I think I've probably tripled or quadrupled the range. The radio in the kitchen that had like 20 ft, line of sight, now can pick up the signal perfectly from my bedroom. I can pick up the signal from the downstairs computer in my bedroom, but its really staticy. But at least I can, whereas before I couldn't anything but static in the kitchen from downstairs. I think I'm gonna buy a good shortwave radio, which wouldn't be very big at all, I could take it wherever I wanted, and also use it as an alarm clock, and then I'm gonna put the old pc in my room so I can use the tx to reach my shortwave radio. At Plum Lake, I think if we put the tx on the windowsill of the screenporch on our cabin, we should be able to reach the dock, since the cabins like 20 feet higher anyway. Also, it might be possible to tx between our cars, if we're following close... Anyway, I'm really happy now. The only bad thing is that the little rubber feet pad thingys that were on the bottom were covering the screws, so I had to take them off, and now they're not very sticky anymore. Maybe I'll glue them back in or something, I don't ever anticipate having to take it apart again now that I've got it set to the maximum power. Oh, and your screwdriver set worked absolutely perfectly. That's so awesome that they're magnetized - I didn't even realize that that was what those things that shake around inside them were until I realized the screws were sticking. Awesome. Thanks a lot for them, they are very cool.

I guess it doesn't take building and processing into account, Dell says it will be here on or before April 13. Kinda sucks, I'm gonna go check order tracking :D

Yeah if you can pick one up for me. How much is it because we can send you the money through the mail, or just pay you when you come for Memorial Day Weekend. What colors do they come in? I don't really care that much but I was just wondering.

I think Dell said 3-5 day shipping, so thats between thursday and saturday. I dunno if that takes into account the order processing and actually building the computer.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

That's weird about CoD...I'm sure I saw the normal edition at Target for like $30, but now I'm checking prices online and sure enough, they're all like $50. Huh. That sucks. Well, have fun with BF1942. I'd love to get that, I will probably get it soon, but I'm kinda in the hole right now with the FM transmitter. Plus, I am planning on getting a Zig Zag. Do you want me to pick one up too for ya at my local hobby shop? So we can be sure we get two different channels. Anyway, my FM transmitter did come today, btw, and so far, I haven't been able to get the range out of it that I'd like. It says it has about 70 ft range, line of sight. And of course, we have walls and stuff, but I would've thought that it would've at least been able to reach my room from my computer, which is just like two floors directly above it. But it doesn't even come close. So far I've only been able to get like 10 feet out of it. Of course, my alarm clock radio is the only radio I have in my room, and the antenna for that is the power cord, I think, which is curled up under my bed, plus there's so much electronics around my computer obviously, that I think it interferes a lot. I dunno. I wish I still had my Icom scanner, but I lost that last fall at the Duluth air show. Maybe the FM tx needs to be broken in or something. I might call the company to see if there's anything I can do about it and if not, then I'll buy a cheap kit from Hobbytron. Mark W says he can show me how to put one together that would have enough range to cover my entire house. I'd probably keep the C.Crane one that I have too, because it works well enough for getting music from my MD player to car radios, although I'm not sure about transmitting to other cars like I had hoped.

Hehe, I had forgotten about ethernet connections. I'm not sure if our laptops have ethernet ports, but I have that one ethernet to USB connector so I know I can hook up at least one. When is your new computer supposed to come? Ours came in three days... Anyway, that should let you play RoN and FS9 without discoing all the time. I have all of Friday off, except I have a school performance of Oklahoma that I'm playing in the pit orchestra for, and the same goes for Saturday evening, if you want to try to get some serious online time in, seeing as how we've never been able to so far, hehe.

Do you still wanna get Zig Zags? I'm not really sure cause you can buy like 2 or 3 computer games with 80 bucks, but ZZs would be cool too. Did you get buy one yet?

I think I'm gonna buy BF1942 this weekend. I should have the computer by then and BF1942 is 30 dollars now and the 2 expansions are 20 dollars each. I think I'll buy just normal BF for now and maybe by some expansions later.

I also have heard that BF:V is cool, but right now that is 40 dollars so I think I'm gonna wait just a little.

CoD is 50 dollars so I don't think I'll buy that for a while.

Tonight Dan is gonna download the latest version of AA for me and burn it to a disk, he gets 3x as fast downloads than me so it will save alot of time. If you wanna get AA too it would be fun. Dan said that in the Americas Army clan for Icoliseum he is Team Leader. I'm hoping I get good enough to be able to fill in the spot of Automatic Rifleman. I love the M249s in AA. If you have some space on your computer its worth it cause its a fun game and its free. Plus your mom and dad payed for it with taxes so might as well make use of it :D

I got a 19 inch M992 CRT and just the 2.1 A425 speakers with subwoofer.

We have a couple of those Ethernet plug ins in the back of the router if you wanna just use Ethernet cables to hook it up. I think there is about 4, 1 of them I'll have my PS2 in, and the other I'm gonna put the new computer in, but I can unplug my PS2 when we play LAN. If not well be able to figure it out.

I got a 19 inch M992 CRT and just the 2.1 A425 speakers with subwoofer.

We have a couple of those Ethernet plug ins in the back of the router if you wanna just use Ethernet cables to hook it up. I think there is about 4, 1 of them I'll have my PS2 in, and the other I'm gonna put the new computer in, but I can unplug my PS2 when we play LAN. If not well be able to figure it out.

Maybe instead of waiting until july to get SC:PT on PS2 I could buy it on PC this month. Ill see, but now we would both be able to run it and we could play online. I dunno if PC has voice chat but we could get some program like Roger Wilco or Teamspeak 2.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Woot! Congrats on getting your new system!!! Lol. That's awesome. That looks basically like exactly the same system we have. What monitor and speakers are you getting? We got the 19 in CRT and the Dell 5.1 surround. Hehe, that'll be awesome in Aces High. Btw, I think the bombardier position is like number 5 or 6. The help file explains how to calibrate the bombsight. I could probably get my dad to bring his laptop too. The only thing is that we'd still have to work out making our Microsoft wireless cards work with your Linksys router. I tried ours with Mark W's Linksys router and almost got it to work - it would recognize his network and say I was connected but I never was able to get online with it. But if we can get both our my parents' laptops to work, then we'll have six computers, lol.

I just ordered it,
Windows XP Home
P4 3.0Ghz with 800mhz FSB
1Gb Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400mhz
120Gb Serial ATA HD (7200rpm)
Soundblaster Audigy 2
128MB Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

I can't wait, we got free 3-5 day shipping. So for memorial day weekend we'll have 5 computers here (My Dell, My Gateway, My Dad's Dell, My sisters laptop, Your moms laptop.) So we could do You, Dave, and me vs Our dads over LAN on AH.

I read somewhere this morning that the error I get when I install AH on my dads computer has to do with how the computer downloads it, I can't remember what it was, but I heard you have to right click and do "save target as" instead of just clicking the download.

I hope my dad lets me move this computer to my room :D I'll ask dans brother how to reformat a system and once I get all my data off this I'll reformat the drive, install OFP, CS, AH and AIM. Thats about all I want well Windows 98 too, that helps :)

AH is really fun. Do you know what position the bombardier is in? I think its the nose, but I can't figure out how to bring up the bomb site. I read you have to read altitude and speed to make accurate drops, cool.

Just think You, me, and dave in a B17. You flying and Dave and I fighting off fighters. Then 2 BF109s come up behind us and start firing one BF109 banks hard left and hits the other. Thats probably what our dads will do :D I can easily see them hitting or shooting each other :)

Sweet I got my Dad to order a dell, Im excited.

He he check this out, I was messing with this AI on AIM that you can talk to its screen name is ZolaOnAOL. There is also one called SmarterChild. They are both fun trying to confuse them

USN Fork122: OMG I am dying!
ZolaOnAOL: Can you BELIEVE it?
USN Fork122: well, yes I am dying
ZolaOnAOL: Interesting. Tell me more.
USN Fork122: Well I have a blockage of my trachea
ZolaOnAOL: Interesting. Where did you get blockage of your trachea?
USN Fork122: I swallowed a penny
ZolaOnAOL: Thanks for the information.
USN Fork122: your welcome
ZolaOnAOL: Polite people are nice.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yeah, the Fragbox is definitely designed for LAN parties and gaming conventions only. It would be pretty sweet, but it wouldn't be very functional as a desktop.

My dad is looking at computers now, and I showed him the dell at 1408 dollars. He's looking at like every other computer though. He's already seen gateway, but they are at 1900 dollars and now he wants to see the frag box. That thing is weird, I think it would have horrible cooling issues. But I cant say for sure. I just dont think it would function as a desktop very well. Maybe If I went to things like QuakeCon and would play LAN games there, the only thing is I dont go to QuakeCon and never plan to.