Friday, March 12, 2004

Hey Eric-
Tell your family thanks for the gift card! And er, for the whoopie cushion too, lol. I'll probably be poking around at Target this weekend to figure out what I can get, hehe.

Btw, I got the deluxe edition of Call of Duty from my parents. So of course, the first thing I did was rip the soundtrack to mp3s, hehe. But then I installed it. So if you and Dan want to play CoD online tonight (I think you guys said Dan had it), I'm up for that. Post if you want to.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

yah that is kinda weird, I'll be on AIM if ya wanna talk.

As far as video cards go, I have the 128 MB Geforce 5700 FX. I'm not sure, but I think it's a pretty middle of the road card. But it works fine for me. I run MOHAA with full gfx, everything turned to the max and I've never seen it lag, even at Omaha Beach. I've got FS9 pretty much maxed out too and I get a solid 25 fps minimum, and usually its in the 30s or 40s. And FS9 is kinda weird anyway, there are a lot of visual bugs and stuff and it doesn't seem to be coded all that well. So if you've got a big system like the one you were talking about, P4 1 ghz, 1 GB RAM, etc., you would probably be fine with the 128 MB video card. It would definitely be the bottleneck of the system, but my guess is that it would still be so fast already that it probably wouldn't really matter for a couple of years. Plus, it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

Hehe, on disc 2 already. Yeah, the master is weird.

Woah! I just realized that your post was like 5 minutes ago. Crazy. You posted in between the 30 seconds where I went from our main page to the blogger post page. It's really weird how that always happens...

I like who they have you get tortured, I was messing with the guard by banging on the walls and crap, then I hid under the bed and he's like "What are you playing around with down there?."

I just got onto Disc 2, but I'm gonna go to sleep now, because as the Master told me, "Reaction time is slowest at 3 A.M. and that I should always make sure I go to the bathroom." Wow, weird guy.

Oh, nevermind I figured it out. I checked an FAQ and it said controller slot 4 that worked. Cambell told me slot 2 though. Anyways I'm about to fight Sniper Wolf, she shot Meryl already but I had to run away to try to find a PSG1. All I could find was a PSG1-T and some Pentazamin but that should work fine anyways...

I can't really imagine playing MGS1 without first person, thats the only way I could keep the wolves from mauling me. I hate those friggin dogs. It's hard cause you cant see around the corners in the canyon thing that is before sniper wolf.

I was just looking at the Dell site, today they are running Free shipping, Free DVD burner, 120GB harddrive, 150 rebate, and Free shipping.

So for $1966:

PentiumŪ 4 Processor with HT Technology 3GHz w/800MHz FSB
16x DVD-ROM+8x DVD+RW Drive
19 inch CRT
Soundblaster Audigy 2
Dell A425 Speakers w/Subwoofer

or for $1716 you can get all that except the instead of the 256MB ATI, u can get the 128MB ATI. I dunno really know what one I should get. I mean right now no games really push that card to the max, but I'm wondering if later on if it would be good to have it so you wouldn't need to upgrade it.

But I bet that buying a new card when I need one would be in some ways easier and in some ways harder. Getting a dell with the 128MB makes LOTS cheaper, so that would make my dad consider it more. But then also, buying a card later makes it so we have to install it, which kinda sucks. I'm not sure but I think Best buy might install components for people on there PCs.

So anyways how does the 128MB card work out for you? I mean does it lag at all? I guess most of the games just need alot of memory and just a pretty good video card, so Im not really sure.

yeah just looking here, DF:BHD needs a 32mb card, R6:RS needs a 32mb card, Splinter Cell needs 32 (64 recommended) so I'm kinda confused right now...

Woah, Physco Mantis is cool. He knows I have Super Mario Sunshine and that I play Nintendo and action games. I'm having trouble with him though, I got the whole controller port 2 thing done already cause Campbell told me, but I just cant kill him, Can I only hurt him when he's shooting flames at me? Seems like all the other times hes like "Its useless".

I think MGS would be a pretty good movie, its not like some games they change into movies, MGS already is pratically a movie. That would be sweet to have a movie, maybe it would convince my dad the MGS isn't all about death and killing. He's got this outlook on the game that is totally messed up, ever since he's seen the back of Substance where in the ESRB warning it has "Blood, Gore, Partial Nudity" Have you ever done the thing after Raiden gets interrogetted by Solidus and then Olga lets him go? You can actually get back in that one thing that is holding Raiden, its funny switches camera angles and since his hand aren't there to cover himself there is a conviently placed soda can.

Hmmmm, I'm strongly considering getting an Xbox. Mainly because of 3 games. Halo 2, Full Spectrum Warrior, and Operation Flashpoint. I think I'll see how it goes when they come out. Dan is gonna get FSW and over Xbox Live you can play co-op games where one person controls Alpha squad and one controls Bravo. Rumors are going around that FSW will have split screen but I don't think its confirmed yet. I think alot of people are gonna be disappointed because they think FSW is a 3rd person shooter when really it's just a RTS game.

Hey I noticed on Dell 2400's (what my dad has) they can only have single channel memory, so 128mb of single channel memory is pretty slow, so that probably why RoN is slow. Hey I think Dan is getting RoN this weekend. Right now I'm trying to talk my parents into letting me stay home from my sisters swim meet. Mainly cause I wanna play LAN at Dan's house and show him MGS TTS. Maybe if I do stay back and Dan gets RoN we could all play a few games together. Dan's house actually has a real server, it's one his brother got from the high school for working there. But I only think hes got it set up to run a CS server.

Hey but wait, at the Internet cafe in Milwaukee that Dan's cousin, Corey Cychosz, works at they are playing RoN on their servers. The Icol websites @ I think Corey was like the best CS player in Wisconsin or something like that. Dan is in the ICol CS clan and they are all really good in that clan, man I suck compared to them. I'm not sure if there is always a RoN server up or not, but I'll look into it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Woah, I just realized that we did another post at the same time deal and didn't realize it. I was on aim at the time but didn't see you on. Anyway, I'm not sure about Meryl. If you contacted her on the codec already, I don't remember ever having any problems talking to her... I haven't played it in a while, though...

Holy crap. I saw a link to a post on the MGS message board at the bottom of the IGN Cube review and the post linked to this article, which contains this quote: "By the way, Hayter is pitching Universal on a Metal Gear Solid movie. Keep your eyes peeled!"

That would be seriously awesome! David Hayter is, of course, the American voice actor for Solid Snake, but he also wrote the screenplay for The Scorpion King and the Xmen movies. A script by him would definitely be very good.

Yeah, I've got the original MGS, I'll be sure to bring it down. Hehe, yeah, I loved the back of the case bit, that was in the original MGS too, lol. Wow, I'm just reading the review at IGN Cube, and it looks incredible, way better than the original in terms of presentation. I didn't realize that all the cinematics have been redone and directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, and all the voice parts rerecorded - awesome. I'll have to play through the original just before we go to your place so I can see the differences. Yeah, Mantis is a great character - the voice acting for his part was really good, really creepy in the original. Have you gotten to the part yet where Mantis reads your mind? :-D The whole game is in surround, isn't it? What's that like? Cuz MGS2 was just 5.1 in the cutscenes, wasn't it? I can't remember. Anyway, now I really want to play MGS3, lol.

After you talk to Hal Emmerich and then need to go find Meryl I don't know what to do. I found her in patrol in this one little room but whenever she sees me she runs away? I put her in a choke hold but that doesn't work. I just got pissed off and broke her neck, oops...

Yah, but I dont get it. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about but its in the nuclear weapon storage building (or something like that) and its floor B1.

oh he he, I looked on GameFAQs the frequency is on back of CD case, there is a picture of Meryl and Snake talking on the codec and in the middle is the frequency. I love how people who make MGS games are smart like that, never would of thought game would take me into real life :D

I actually turned my Gamecube on today!!!! *Gasp* lol I barely ever play my cube. I had to look around for what I out my GCube controller, I had it in a green shoebox but I doubt you care where I put it :D

oh yah Physco Mantis is creepy, It's weird when he just is appearing in the hall.

You have the original MGS1 right? Can u bring it down for Memorial day weekend, I'd like to see how much graphics have improved.

It's awesome. I only got it today cause software etc. sent me call on wrong day. I've played for like 2 hours now and I'm at where the baker dude dies but I'm confused. Cambell is like "Anyways, you should contact Meryl with the codec, wasn't it written on the back of the package?" What package? I thought Baker was joking when he said it because snake did a little fun kinda dance right after it. I thought Physco Mantis was messing with em. But anyways I dont get what package he is talking about.

Cinematics are alot better espeically when snake fights with that Ninja dude who cuts off Ocelots hand. He does some flips are I heard some people complain about it cause it kinda looks like the matrix and no one would do that in real life. But I'm ok with it I mean he's solid snake, he can flip whenever he wants :D

Wow, I love MGS.

So??? How's MGS:TTS?!?!?!?!? :-D

That'd be sweet to have a PDA. Mark W has one and is trying to get a flash network card to work for it. I think he has an iPaq, or something like that. Anyway, he's trying to hook it into his home network so that he can take a stream from the internet and send it over the network to his room and the PDA, and then run the PDA out to some speakers so he can get internet radio in his room. Plus, he puts mp3s on it and has games and all that good stuff.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Just looking around at some PDAs I think when I get to be a freshman I might buy one. The two best looking are the Dell X3i and the Palm Zire 71. I like how the X3i has integrated 802.11b wireless internet that would be sweet, and I like how the Zire 71 has a camera. But overall I think the X3i looks cool right now. Dells is $279 and Palms is $249 (I think). I bet when I'm a freshman though that those might be a little cheaper. Anyways I don't need to worry about it now, its 2 years off. Maybe I'll buy one the summer before High school though, I wouldn't really use it at school, but I might use the internet around the house in the summer and on weekends.

Woohoo, just got a call from Software Etc. I can pick up MGS:TTS tomorrow afternoon, I can't wait :D

That's ok if u can't find your GBA, I'll have TTS and maybe RS3 and GR:JS. But I always have my sisters GBA so u can use that. Only thing it's pink, but a GBAs a GBA.

I heard on GameFAQs that in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow when you are online and if your a spy and grab a mercenary from behind you can talk to that mercenary over your headset. That would be sweet to kill one mercenary and then grab the other and keep taunting him, Dan told me he was going to buy it on PS2 so it would be awesome to grab one guy and just keep him there but have the other spy keep his Five-Seven out so in case he escaped you'd be able to stun him.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I still have to find my GBA, I don't know where it is. Last time I knew, my brother had it but then he never gave it back to me and I asked him about it like 3 months later and he had forgotten about it, so one of us lost it. Hopefully I'll be able to find it, lol.

I tried my Aerobird again today, and it worked better, I had more control and had one successful flight where I sort of landed it but I also crashed it twice and it's not working again - I'll have to let it dry out again. At the moment, I think something's off in the electronic speed control because as soon as you plug in the battery the prop starts going full throttle and the tx doesn't control anything. So I'll have to just wait until it dries out. It's a good thing that I'm flying it with snow because otherwise I think it'd be dead by now, but it's also a bad thing because everything gets wet...

I'm looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend, if you want I can get you the link to all the OFP addons I have, or we can download them and transfer them when you get here either way is fine. Maybe I'll get you the link to Tonal, thats the only one that takes like an hour to download, but I guess we could play GBAs or something as that downloaded.

probably in 3 days I'll have TTS, can't wait for that game, lol hope I dont have alot of homework this week or if I do I hope I'm sick :D