Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hey Eric, if you happen to see this now, I'm on AIM, or try to log back into my server. My computer crashed.

I'm back home now. So If ya can play RoN I'll be on AIM.

RUMOR #4: Microsoft is cutting the Xbox price to $149 in April.

Source: The renowned game authority that is The New York Post.

The official story: What is the sound of one hand not picking up the phone?

What we heard: Rumblings about an Xbox price-drop have been the subject of many articles, including a previous Rumor Control. However, the fact the mainstream press is starting to report them means that something is definitely in the air. The Post piece quoted IDC analyst (and frequent GameSpot contributor) Schelley Olhava as saying Microsoft might--might--announce the price cut at next month's Game Developer's Conference in order to sell 16 million consoles by July. However, to cover its bases, the Post also cited an "analyst consensus" that the price cut will be deeper--possibly as low as $129--and would happen later in the year. What the Post didn't consider would be a more logical staggered price-lowering strategy which would lessen the financial loss Microsoft already takes every time an Xbox is sold.

Bogus or not bogus?: Not bogus. Would a publication owned by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch lie? Oh,

Hmmm, if Xbox does drop down to $129 I would strongly consider getting one...

I think sometime soon we are going to a movie. I'll be on AIM for now and I'll post something on blogger when I get back.

Hey if u happen to read this I can play RoN now, I think at like 4 or something were going to see some movie, I see u just posted, so maybe u might read this, but Ill be on AIM.

Woah, that's kinda creepy how after I posted with those links to rc planes, the ads at the top of our page changed to ads for rc planes...

Oh yeah, it was today when I posted, I didn't think of that, lol. I meant today, as in Saturday. Tomorrow I'm working on a Brit lit project with some friends. But today works. Do you want to meet around 4.30?

Anytime after about 12:30PM on Sunday I could play RoN. I could play today anytime after about 3 or 4PM

By tomorrow do you mean saturday or sunday? I mean you posted a half hour into saturday so I assume you mean sunday, but I'm not sure.

Yeah but I'll be able to play RoN any of those days.

Sorry about tonight, I was off playing this game:
It's called FMS for Flight Model Simulator. It's an RC plane sim, and it's really addictive! I canceled my order for the Firebird at Hobbytron because it was backordered forever, plus I read a bunch of message board threads that said it was better to get the Aerobird instead, which is a more expensive model, but I can get it on ebay for $110, which is pretty good. The Aerobird is three channel, so it has throttle, rudder, and elevators, unlike the Firebird which didn't have elevators. So I think I'm gonna get the Aerobird. The downside to the Aerobird is that although it comes with everything I need, like the transmitter, the receiver, the servos, blah blah blah, you can't really transfer that equipment over to another plane. So I was looking at getting a GWS Slow Stick, which would be slower and easier to learn on, and would come with a transmitter and all the equipment that I could transfer to another plane later on. But I decided to go with the Aerobird because it was cheaper than the Slow Stick and since it's faster, it can handle more wind than the SS. Ppl say the SS can only handle wind up to about 5 mph or less, but the Aerobird can apparently handle like 15-20, if you're good. It might be a little bit harder to learn on the Aerobird, and I'm sorta worried that I might not have enough room for the Aerobird at my house, but I'm gonna go for it, partly because I tried it out in FMS and I think I can handle it within the space I have in my yard. Oh, and the Aerobird battery and charger is the same one that's used in those Zig Zag boats that I want to get too! That's a big plus. That'd be really cool if we could both get a Zig Zag in different colors and channels so we could race them at Plum Lake. And you really should try FMS, it's really fun. Oh, be sure to get the version called Flying-Model-Simulator FMS 2.0 Beta 7. The newest alpha isn't compatible with any of the planes that were made for any previous versions. And go here for some more planes:

The Fighterbird is basically the Aerobird, that's the one I was testing out. Also, there's a model there of the Ikarus Shockflyer, which I haven't tried yet. But in real life, it's a famous plane for 3D aerobatics - here's a video of some kid in Germany flying it in his basement: I'm gonna go try it in FMS now. Hehehe...

Oh, btw, I'm free all of tomorrow except for an hour or two in the evening. Paul's been in New York with his family this week and he's flying in at 8.15 tomorrow night, so I'll be gone probably from like 7.30-9.15. But otherwise, I'll be free. Post if you want to play RoN, and maybe Mark W can play too.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Hey if your not doing anything tonight maybe we could play RoN. Just post something if u can.

Woohoo we got a snow day today, it sucks though cause now we gotta add another day of school to the end of the year. But thats okay cause we wouldnt do much on an extra day,probably watch movies.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I got a tripod account, but before I try that I'm gonna try some program Dan is gonna let me borrow to tomorrow at school, tripod is fine but I gotta see what ever this is. Dan told me it was kinda like Microsoft word but made websites.

Yeah anyways maybe sometime next week I'll have a few screenshots, but first I gotta get a nice screen capture program. I think I saw one on the screensavers this week, I'll check the show notes tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna be busy for most of tomorrow. That's cool that you're making OpFlash missions. I think it'd be cool to do some RoN scenarios, but I don't feel like learning the script language, lol. About those pictures, u can email them to me and I can post them on our USN site. Making your own site is pretty easy with Tripod, they have a built in site editor where u can make a site without using html at all. But really, html isn't all that hard either and I can give you a stylesheet template to start out with that has a navigation bar. I made it for this site for my Civil Air Patrol squadron.
I haven't updated it in forever, but it's a basic layout that you could use if you like it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

If your not doing anything maybe we can play RoN tomorrow. It's fine if you can't cause I gotta do math and can always work on making OFP missions. I got about 3-4 blocks of houses done in the one mission I was making. Then I just gotta write a capture and hold script and a respawn script. Well not actually write them, probably just get some tutorial that explains it all. I downloaded the newest Invasion 1944 demo and I got the JC Normandie Beta 2. Its a nice Normandy map, its got carentan on it and its got omaha beach. While I was sick I watched the band of brothers videos from 2 - 7. Makes me wanna make some OFP missions for them, Ill probably do 1 mission for each part, some will be kind hard to write stuff for but it will be pretty fun. I'll probably finish my other mission that was multiplayer first though. Any idea if its possible to post screenshots of my missions so far? I probably could Email u them and u could post them. But not much of a point in posting em on the USN site cause were like the only ones who read it. Is it hard to make websites in tripod? If its not very hard maybe Ill just make my own site.

Ooooooooo, MGS:TTS got 9.25 for Game Informer. Can't wait to play it, I reserved it like a month ago. Game Informer said there is a mario statue on one of the desks and if u shoot it above marios head it will say "1 up". he he he, also they said there were gamecubes sitting around in the game and other posters in lockers.

Hmmm, one dentist that works with my dad sent us this one video of an apache gunning down some Iraqis. Its at night and through the thermal sights on the helo. My mom is kinda suprised it how calm the pilots are, they showed no hesitation in killing any of them. But you hear some AK fire at the start of the tape so that gives them the right to engage and thats what they were trained to do. Granted I don't like see Iraqis get killed, but I don't like seeing american choppers get shot down either...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I guess the half day is actually Thursday.

Today I'm home sick my throat feels kinda weird. I dunno if my computer can run the water textures really though. I gotta run FS on low and then its not laggy, but I dont think 1 texture would make the much of a difference. I look at them again and see.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Glad you like the Blawk Hawk, it's a great model. Shift+E opens the doors and Ctrl+Shift+F1 (I think) shuts down the engines. :D Btw, let me know if those water textures work as well as they look in the screenshots. Post if you're free on Wednesday.

Hmmm, looks like I'm not gonna be able to play FS2004. sry, maybe some other time. I think on wednesday we have a half day so if ur around then I could.

I got the blackhawk for FS2004 installed. Its really cool. The model and textures are really nice and the interior is sweet too. I kinda suck at helis and alot of times I start spinning around and then when I try to turn back I go nosefirst into the ground, but I'm actually not all that bad with the bhawk. I can actually fly with it. I like how the suspension works too, thats cool.

I don't have the F16 or Aegean hawk, but I should be able to play tonight. I can just disconnect when u guys wanna try those out right?

I'll go on AIM at 9. If I'm not on just start cause my dad might be using the computer or something that makes it so I can't play.

Yeah I'll be on AIM

Yeah, if that works for you. Mark W might play with us too, if that's alright.

Were playing RoN at 3 right?

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hey Eric, sorry about the last few days. I forgot to check back here to see if you could play. If you happen to read this, I'm going to plan on being on AIM at 8.