Saturday, February 14, 2004

I'll be home for the rest of the night now, probably on AIM. so just log on if ya wanna play RoN. I'll be playing Ps2, but I got it so AIM will make a ringing noise if u log in and my Ps2s only like 5 feet away from my computer.

We just went and got a new TV from best buy. Its a 27 inch Sharp. We got 30 dollars off because it was a returned one, but it's cool, im gonna hook it up tomorrow.

Dan is at his grandmas today so I'm not doing anything. Anytime is fine to play RoN.

Friday, February 13, 2004

I'll post again tomorrow once I got the time, then I'll post before I go on AIM too.

Yeah sure, I think I'm up to playing RoN. What time you guys thinking about. Dan might be over here, but I bet he might watch, if not he can play OFP on my other computer. Give me a time, I'll be there.

How do ya wanna set up teams? Is Mark W good? lol I'm actually pretty bad against people, but I enjoy it none the less. Oh yes, does he have AIM.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Yeah, I don't like spending cash. I had like over $200 bucks in cash once, and I never wanted to spend it, I always used my allowance, which my dad never gives me in cash, he just knows I have it. But I've whittled away at those $200 by going to movies and stuff, things that my parents always say they'll pay for, but then they never pay me back after I use my own money.

The only time I've ever traded something in was at GameStop, or I think it was called Software Etc. at that time. I tried to trade in an old PS1 game and a 360 block PS1 memory card and I think I got like maybe $5 for it, so I never bothered to do that again. Xbox has a lot of cool new games - I tried the Crimson Skies demo at Target and that was pretty cool. The controls were kinda weird, they made it so that moving the analog stick to the left makes you roll with the ailerons *and* adds the right amount of rudder, *and* pulls back on the stick to move the elevators up, which makes you turn harder. In combat flight sims, I'm really used to rolling over 90 degrees and then pulling back on the stick to turn, so it felt weird. And you have to do flight maneuvers like Immelmans and stuff using a combo trick system, like Tony Hawk or some other extreme sports game, which was really weird. But the graphics were awesome, especially the water spray when you fly really close to the ocean.

Me and a friend, Mark Winek, might play RoN tomorrow night online. Do you want to? If you can, what time? Oh, btw, here's some really awesome screenshots for a Japanese FS9 scenery addon for Japan. It uses satellite imagery and really accurate mesh and looks incredible.
Enter the English site and check out some of the screenshots.

Hmmm, too many games are coming out in a really short amount of time. I think I'll trade my old stuff in I got like 6 old PS2 games and 4 old PS1 games. I probably could trade in 2 GBColors too and maybe my sisters GBA cause she never uses it.

so what do ya think you could get for all that? I bet I can get like 10 dollars for most of the Ps2 games and then 5 bucks for PS1 games. maybe 30 for 2 GBCs and 50 for a GBA.

so thats 170 bucks, thats a good amount. I have 2 bestbuy giftcards and one target giftcard still, I used one Best buy giftcard on RoN. I have alot of cash too, but for some reason spending just cash scares me.

I kinda need the cash cause I'm thinking about buying an Xbox. There are some pretty good games coming out (Halo 2, Full Spectrum Warrior). But I really gotta think about it. Then you gotta pay 20 bucks a month for Xbox live. That kinda sucks, but I might get an Xbox over the summer and work at my dads office 4 hours a month, with minimum wage I'd get enought to pay for it at least.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Yeah, those GBA SPs look cool, but those triggers are pretty small. I think they might be a little too small for me, but I don't know. But I do like the horizontal layout of the normal GBA - it's easier on my hands to keep them farther apart instead of scrunched together like on a GBC. Haha, I saw some kid playing a GBA SP in church on Sunday. His mom kept telling him to put it away but he wouldn't, he kept on playing right in the middle of the service, during songs and prayers and the sermon and everything, and his mom never made him put it away, I don't think. It was really funny.

I found a really cheap RC plane on It's just a 2 channel park flyer, but it was only $50, on sale from like $80, and it comes with everything - the transmitter, battery, charter, engine, everything. So I bought it. It was cheap enough that I got an extra battery too, and with s+h it was only $75. I think it'd be fun to take to Plum Lake. I hope there'd be enough room around there to be able to land it.

Since it's only two channel, all you control is the throttle and the rudder - you use the throttle to ascend and descend and the rudder to turn. But I still can't wait. If I like it, I might buy a full control 4 channel model with throttle, and aeilerons (or however you spell it) and elevator and rudder.

Here's the one I got at Hobbytron:

That company that makes that one also makes models with modules that emit sound waves straight ahead so you can dogfight with two of them - the module will sense if you get hit by it. If you get hit, your motor goes out for 10 seconds so you have to glide to a landing or you just won't have any power to try to counterstrike. There are some really cool boats at Hobbytron too. Those'd be awesome to have at Plum Lake.

Howard Dean is campaigning at the Superior Middle School today. David gets to see his rally. I'm so jealous. Some of my friends went up to the Duluth airport tonight to meet him when he flew in. Lucky. I'm not a huge fan of his, but anytime a presidential candidate comes here, and especially when he's laid everything on the line in Wisconsin by saying he'll pull out of he loses the state, I think it's really cool. Plus his speech in Iowa after he lost was really funny. Maybe he'd do something stupid and funny like that again. But I doubt it, he's not crazy like he was before when he was winning since he realized that people don't like it when he acts crazy. I used to not like him at all, but now that he's not crazy anymore I like him more than any of the Democrats in the race right now, except for maybe Edwards, but I don't know enough about him...

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Yesterday night we went over to some peoples house and there little kid had a GBA SP, those things are sweet. The only thing is the left and right triggers are really small, but eventually I bet it would seem normal get used to it.