Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yeah thats what I would worry about if I got a PSP. I wouldn't wanna take it anywhere because I wouldn't wanna break it or lose it. That kinda defeats the whole purpose, I'll see what games they got though. I think Konami signed with Sony to make games for PSP.

Oh, BTW, that'd be pretty cool if you have that much money to spend on an mp3 player. The bad thing about the Ipod though is the battery, since it's a built in battery, and once their charge capacity runs down after like 18 months, then the only way to get a new battery is to ship it to Apple and pay 100 bucks for a new one. I'd rather get an mp3 jukebox that ran on normal double As or something. But still, that's a lot of money for one tiny machine, and if you lose it or break it, and you've got your entire mp3 colleciton on it, then you're pretty much screwed...

The PSP looks pretty cool. I hope they end up porting a lot of old PS1 games. There are a lot of old PS1 rpgs that I'd like to play, but they're out of print and you can only find them used, if you're lucky. I saw one game, Suikoden, going for like 30-60 bucks used on Ebay. It'd be great if they'd rerelease them on PSP.

I'm pretty sure we're coming down on Memorial Day weekend. We are AFAIK. Did you hear about the possible engine shortage at Indy this year? The IRL is switching from a 3.5 liter engine to a 3.0 liter engine in the middle of the season, right after Indy. They're short on engines now, and the engine manufacturers don't want to spend all that time making engines built to the old specs that won't even be used after Indy. So there might not be enough engines to go around at Indy. Plus, last year, they were barely even able to fill out the 33 car field - there was no Bump Day - and even less teams are competing this year...

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Whoops... link didn't show up, well anyways its at,4364,1490092,00.asp

EGM Points out it doesn't have the promised analog stick (well it could pop out), but it does have a button labeled analog. EGM says the buttons like that would be hard to play on, and its pretty slippery. After all its only a prototype, and it does look pretty sweet like that.

Like I said I was thinking about buying an Ipod but first I'll see if the PSP will play Mp3 files. I heard the price range was 300-450 dollars, not bad for something that looks that cool. Let's just hope its not another Ngage. It would be pretty cool if it ran the Pocket PC software too, I know the Tapwave Zodiac does, but that doesn't have alot of good games.

I'm not sure about buying GR:JS. It looks pretty sweet, some Mags reviewed bad but some said it was good, now I'm all confused. It's got online co-op with up to 6 ppl though, thats pretty sweet, and its got headsets. OPM said it was, "Not SOCOM, but damn good." I probably get it but I might wait for the price to drop.

Hey in the new OPM rumors are coming around Sony's and Zipper Int are making another SOCOM. Today in SOCOM II I got 19 kills-5 deaths-16 of the kills were headshots. Lol everbody sucks at SOCOM I maps. Everybody plays the S2 maps, and never take the time to practice S1 maps.

Have you seen the PSP concept design? It's cool check it out at

I was gonna buy an Ipod but I'll wait 4 the PSP

Arghhhhh... that sucks, oh well rather have a better game that I gotta wait longer for

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The only things I've seen about MGS:SE are the trailers from the TGS and E3. They both are pretty cool. The TGS one is pretty cool because the end is all 80ish (I doubt that is a right way to say it). I like the E3 one because at the end they show a guard and Snake runs up and grabs the guard, puts a knife to the guys throat and says, "What is the release date?" and the guard tells him like Q4 2004 or whenever it is. I think thats a pretty cool way to tell people when the release is
I forgot, are you coming down Memorial Day Weekend?

Hey ya know what Dan was playing MGS: SOL last weekend and at the part where you are looking for Ames he was pointing the directional mic around and it goes over the bathroom and it was this one guard taking a piss. I heard that one guard in TTS trailer so that's pretty cool they tie that in from MGS1. This is probably old news just its pretty cool.

Monday, February 02, 2004

MGSTTS is going to be awesome, I bet. And you'll finally get to really understand some of the plot behind MGS2. Yeah, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake are both clones of Big Boss, the Les Enfants Terribles project. I won't say too much more, because MGS1 is centered around that plot. I haven't seen that trailer for MGS3, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima is lying after MGS2, lol. I think with MGS3, I'm not going to follow it too closely so I don't get all caught up in the prerelease hype. Kojima did say there would be a big twist like MGS2, so I don't want to increase my chances of getting it spoiled if I follow it obsessively. Btw, have you seen Boktai, Kojima's sunlight GBA game? I saw it at Target and was laughing at it. I didn't get it because I lost my GBA a few months ago. I let my brother use it and then he lost it or something because like a month later I realized I hadn't gotten it back and he didn't know where it was. Oh well.

I reserved Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes today at the mall. Software Etc. gets MGS:TTS on 3/10 and gets SC:PT in on 3/17.

Hmmm, right now I'm trying to set up a Teamspeak2 server for OFP. It's pretty confusing...

woohoo snowday again, thats cool.

I was wondering are liquid and solid snake clones of Big Boss? And Les Enfants Terribles, is that the project where solid snake was cloned?

Someguy on GameFAQs pointed out that in the E3 trailer in someparts of it one eye is missing like big boss, but in the part where he grabs a guard and says "Tell me the release date." he has 2 eyes like solid snake. Even though Hideo Kojima said no character switching, do ya think Kojima is lying?
I didnt check the trailer yet so maybe the guy is making it up.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Ah crap, I always leave my AIM on idle. I always forget to shut it down when I go somewhere... sorry I keep doing that.

MGS:TTS comes up pretty soon cant wait.