Saturday, January 17, 2004

Yeah, I've got the retail. Are you gonna be busy tomorrow afternoon or night? Maybe we can play then. Or if you see this tonight and you wanna give it a shot, log on aim and we can chat.

Oh, I just read your post. So you do have the retail then?

I just got finished playing RoN. I really like it. It takes a while to learn all the stuff but after that its easy. The tutorials explain alot of it.

Now I forgot Mark, do you have the retail or just the Demo version of RoN? I know you had the demo but I forgot if you said you bought it too. If you have the retail we could play online sometime. I'm not too great though.

I've only played as the Germans because they get cool of special units in the Industrial age, Like the Tiger and MG42 and then in Modern (or might be information) they get the Leopard.

I like RoN alot more than Civilazation III. Turn Based strategy can sometimes get annoying. Real Time is alot cooler. I like how they handle the resources too, like how they dont run out. That bugged me in CivIII when a mine would be exhausted and you would have to find another place to build a mine.

Anyways RoN is really cool.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Woah, we're both online right now. You posted right as I was typing my post. I don't see you on AIM, though. Well, let me know if you see this when you get back. Maybe we can play it later tonight.

Hey, you're gonna buy Rise of Nations? Sweet - now I'll have someone to play against online. It's an awesome game, incredibly fun. It's real-time - it's sorta like a combination of Age of Empires combined with a little of Civ 3. The game starts at the stone age and works all the way through 7 ages up to the Information Age. Eventually, your slingers from the stone age get turned into modern infantry with M-16s, your hoplites from the stone age get turned into soldiers with bazookas. Your catapults from I think the third age become rocket artillery in the seventh. You'll get nuclear weapons in the sixth age, and once you reach the information age, you can research a missile defense shield. There's so much you can do in it, it's awesome. You definitely should get it. I'll run fine on the setup that your dad has. It even runs ok on my computer. Let me know when you get it so we can play online.

Pretty soon my dad is gonna take me to Best Buy. I can't wait to play RoN. I told him he needs more RAM, but hes says he thinks that the RAM from the old gateway will work in the dell....

I doubt it will.

I hope it doesn't screw his computer up...

I think I'm gonna ask my dad if I can install another game on his computer when hes eating breakfast this morning. If he says yes I'll probably buy it Rise of Nations tonight. Then tonight I'll tell him he needs to buy some more RAM. ha I got it all planned out. lol hope I can convince him.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

hmmmm, crap I'm at minimum for RAM. Do you think it will be no fun with not alot of RAM? How much do you got?

I think im gonna buy RON (if I convince my dad). Eventually I hope he buys memory like he says hes gonna do. Until then Ill just have to deal with lag (do u think they'll be alot with the minimum RAM?) Then maybe I'll buy either SC: PT or GR: JS depending on how they get reviewed. I really wanna buy MGS: TTS too so I dunno how im gonna spend my money.

I got 120 dollars in Best Buy gift cards this christmas. If I can talk my dad into letting me install it on his computer then I'm gonna buy Rise Of Nations. That game looks awesome. Its real time right, not turn based? And whats the most modern age have? Is it fun to play though? cause I've never played the demo, but it looks really good and I like Civilatzation III alot. I just dont like having to wait through the computer turns. oh yeah and btw would it run ok on a:

Pentium 4 @ somewhere around 2-3ghz
30mb Video Card
128mb RAM

I dunno If ill need more RAM, Im gonna go check tech specs now for the game.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Lol, I didn't see it, but that's really funny.

Yeah, I'm really excited about going back to the moon. I'll wait and see what Bush says on Wednesday though, and then see the reaction from other politicians, before I get my hopes too high. Bush Sr. did this sort of thing in 1989, proposing men on Mars in 30 years, but no one supported it because it cost so much. Now, we're in the largest budget deficit ever or something like that, so I wonder if people will support it this time.

Did you see Saturday Night Live last night? On weekend update they said, "This week President Bush announced a plan to return to the moon." To ensure success Bush said, "We will only go when there is a full moon."