Friday, January 02, 2004

woohoo, I bought half life: Platinum Edition, its got Half Life, Counter strike, Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force and Blue shift. I also bought Day of Defeat. Right now I'm waiting to get to the front of the line at file planet so I can download steam and then get all the patches. Steam is a 723mb download! thats gonna take forever, I think I'm gonna go finish my homework while I wait. I gotta write a biography about Joesph Stalin. Reading all about what stalin did In WWII makes me wanna play Call Of Duty.

Hey cool, my downloads ready, it estimates a little over 2 hours right now. Hey at least its a good server, I'm getting like 86kb/sec. Dan can get like 150kb/sec though and we got the same ISP. pisses me off :D lol probably cause im on WiFi

Thursday, January 01, 2004

2004 seems to be one of the best years I've ever seen for gaming.

Games that look good (so far):
Half Life 2
Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Operation Flashpoint 2 (possibly)
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Halo 2
Gran Turismo 4
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
Call of Duty: Finest Hour (I'm not sure when that comes out, might be 2004 though)

lol EGM has a game design contest where u make a funny game, or make a normal game funny. Dan and I got some funny ones, but I don't wanna say them cause other people might take the ideas if they read our Blog (I doubt people do)

That's all I can think of right now but I also can't wait for PS2 harddrive to come out in march. I think its 40gb. I wonder how big patches will be and such, levels will be alot of drive space I assume. I just noticed I had like no room on my memory card and I was looking at files to see how big there were and SOCOM II takes 2,999kb! Thats alot for a Ps2 game most of my stuff only takes 100-200kb. Maybe 40gbs will be enough, it seems small for a computer because an OS takes up alot of the space on a drive, and so do games like FS2004 :D

I spent alot of time playing Ofp online today. It was pretty funny, people would be joining and talking about how it was already 2004 where they lived.

It's gonna be hard to get back to school again, I'm gonna try to write my biography tomorrow, sadly I forgot everything about Joesph Stalin over break :D

Lol, I just noticed on my list of games I have up there, that EVERY one is a sequel to a game. Kinda weird it will be 2004-the year of sequels

Monday, December 29, 2003

On March 22, several OFP veterans noticed the existence for OFP2's WEB site. Back then, the site consisted of nothing but a large picture of an old black and white TV set, showing a broadcast test pattern screen with the letters "VTV". Many players had speculated that this stands for "Vietnam Television" and that OFP2 will be based on the Vietnamese war.

Soon the TV set has been replaced with a slightly newer 1960's TV model and BIS has been toying around with the screen.

At the time, it looked like those who guessed Vietnam were right, at least according to the picture, below, the site was flashing at viewers:

In addition to BIS' OFP2's WEB site, there is also a Codemasters' OFP2 WEB site.

Here is Codemasters' official press release on the announcement of OFP2:

Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for PC - first details to be revealed at E3 - 16/04/2003

Codemasters today confirms that Operation Flashpoint 2, a true sequel to the million-selling military simulator, has been commissioned. The setting and theme for the game will be revealed at E3, the global games expo (Los Angeles Convention Centre, May 14-16).

Operation Flashpoint 2 is in design and development at Bohemia Interactive Studio, the Prague-based creators of the original title, and will launch late in 2004 for PC.

Focusing on another theatre of modern-historical warfare, Operation Flashpoint 2 will continue the title’s reputation as the ultimate military gaming experience.

Marek Spanel, Operation Flashpoint’s Project Leader at Bohemia Interactive Studio says: “We have great plans and massive ambition for Operation Flashpoint 2 but, for the moment, we are not revealing specific details of its content and gameplay. Following the success of the original game, it’s great to be working with Codemasters on the sequel and we are confident it’ll become another major landmark in PC gaming.”

Codemasters will trail Operation Flashpoint 2 at its E3 booth (#746, South Hall). Until then, gamers can register their interest in the project and sign-up for development updates online at:

Operation Flashpoint 2 confirmed for PC - first details to be revealed at E3.

Indeed, when E3 came along in May 2003, Codemasters announced that OFP2 would be set in the 70's and involve scenarios in Africa, Asia and Central Europe.

However, on December 24, 2003, BIS did an about-face and totally revamped the OFP2 WEB site. Out went the old TV motif and Vietnam era pictures. In is a new flat panle TV design and modern era weapons pics and story lines. Africa is no longer mentioned. It's just Europe and Asia now.

So, will we be fighting terrorists? Rebels? The Russians (again)? Will Independence Lost fill in the Asian side of OFP2's story line? It's too early to tell. No details have been given out to date. You'll just have to stay tuned.

That was from Avon Lady's OFP FAQ, I have been posting on BIS Forums, and there was one pole in paticular I rremember, it was what theater of war you wanted, choices were WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, War on Terror, and Modern. There was over 70% voting for modern, so maybe BIS changed there plans for OFP2.

If you want to see the BIS site, its at:, to get it to work hit the power button on the lower left, you can open up the panel in the bottom center to reveal A/V jacks, volume control, and channel control. U can switch between 4 channels but only one of them works.