Friday, December 26, 2003

I guess we are gonna see you tomorrow, thats good.

Hmmm, my parents are talking about leaving today instead of tomorrow, that sucks since we won't be able to see you since your out of town (until tomorrow?)

Thursday, December 25, 2003

This was taking from

...And they mention the release date of OFP2: late 2004 or early 2005. So, we can say OFP2 will be released in 04/05 :) And they also write it will be based on the VBS Tactical Trainer (used by US Marine Corps)....

Based on a tactical trainer!!! thats awesome. Better be getting a new computer soon if its coming out late 2004/ early 2005.

Woohoo, I beat the second mission in MOH: RS. The third is really hard though too. I think it was alot more fun fighting in europe than in germany. In kinda bugs me how MOH focuses mostly on a one man killing machine, I like how call of duty shows that not just one man brought the fall of the nazi power. I can't wait until call of duty: finest hour comes out.

My dad says maybe I should buy a new joystick since it would be more compatible with XP. So do you think Force Feedback would be good if I had to get a new joystick?

Woohoo, I got a DVD player and the Band of Brothers DVD Set.

I got this one picture signed by bill guarene showing the 82nd airborne jumping into operation market garden, its pretty cool.

MOH:RS is an ok game. The pearl harbor scene is awesome, the second mission im in is soooo hard though, man, Im stuck on the second mission...

FS2004 runs ok on my dads computer, he needs more memory though, hopefully he gets some.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Do you have any idea where to get the software for sidewinders? I wonder if I can get it from the internet somewhere, maybe microsoft has something, I couldm't find anything.

Arghhhh, I can't find the CD that comes with my joystick!!! This sucks, I hope I find it or I can't install my joystick!!!

I got FS2004 and Im gonna install that at like 9.

Right now I'm gonna play MOH: RS I cant wait to hear the pearl harbor scene, on the box it says the game is THX certified, isn't that like movie quality audio? This will sound sweet.

Yeah I should get to try it out, we go to church at 5:30 and should be home by 6:30 then we eat dinner which would go until like 7:15 and open gifts for maybe 30 minutes, so that leaves alot of time to play FS2004.

Yeah were going to superior. I think we leave tomorrow at like noon, well my parents always say noon, but I doubt well be ready by then...

OpFlash runs really nice on a 500mhz processor. I do have graphics really far down but its ok. I have my view distance set at 500meters but when Im sniping people online I bring it up to 1500, it makes more lag like that, but I can be at a safe distance. I made this mission in flashpoint where I used this one command where you can set the position of buildings and I made a 100 foot tower, then I put a tank on top of the tower and flew up there with a helicopter I loaded full of satchel charges, then I put 20 satchels under the tank and flew back down. I detonated the satchels and the tank flew about 200 feet to the side, Its an odd sight to see a tank flying 100 feet in the air. Another time I was online and this one east guy was shooting at us in an Mi24 hind and none of us had any stingers. So I pulled out my LAW 80 and started shooting rounds into the sky, the first one went past it but then the second one lobbed perfectly into the tail rotor of the hind. The engine then died and it started to fall and we ran over and shot the pilot who had parachuted out.

Aghhh, Martin said he was gonna release his DC-3 today, but he says he needs more time. It will be awesome, it uses textures imported from FS2004. I did sign up to beta test it but since I have never beta anything before he didn't let me in. Anyways if you wanna check it out its at

In ofp if you set the system clock to december 25th and go to this one spot on everon the trees will have christmas lights and gifts on them. Funny site in a war game.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Haha, that's funny about finding FS2004. Have fun with it! I hope you get to try it out before you leave. That is, if you're coming to Superior. You are, aren't you? When are you leaving?

Well, OpFlash2 would be great...I still need to get the first one...does it run well on your 500 mhz?

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Wait, one guy on the OFP forums says OFP2 is coming 2005, but on codemasters site it says 2004, hmmm.....

Ha, I found FS2004 under our tree, it's pretty obvious with the tin case and all. I just had to tap on it and it clicked, and you can feel the little bumps around the edges. My dad was gonna put the old memory from our computer into the Dell, but I'm not sure if it will work. Because Dan reminded me that when you buy memory you buy for a specific system, so I'm not sure if the Gateway RAM is compatible with the dell. Oh well, if it doesn't my dad will buy more for the dell and maybe I'll get the old RAM :D

It says on the codemasters site that Flashpoint 2 is coming 2004. I doesn't have an exact date yet, but I'm assuming it's towards the end of 2004 because I haven't seen a single in game shot yet. Maybe they are trying to keep it secret though, but most game release some shots so people can see if they like how it looks.