Saturday, December 13, 2003

I think FS2004 might run on my computer...

I'm not quite sure if I have the space for the game though. I probably should reformat my drive, but I don't have a clue how to. I'm trying to decide if I should get it for christmas though, because I don't want to get a game that doesn't work. The thing I'm confused about is my video card. When I boot my computer it says, "Nvidia Vanta BIOS 8Mb" But then if I run DxDiag it estimates I have a 16Mb card. I don't know what one to trust though. I think FS2004 needs 8Mbs, I just don't know how fast it will run. Does your computer run FS2004 mark? Can you give me the specs so I can know if it will run. If your computer dosn't do you know what your mom's laptop specs are? because FS2004 ran pretty nice on your mom's laptop.

I think (im on my dads computer right now) my specs are:
Win 98
PIII 500mhz
8mb or 16mb Nvidia Vanta
somewhere around 128mb memory

Hmmmmm, I was just trying to finish my co-op mission for OFP, but, for some reason whenever I put in a BAS Blackhawk I crash to desktop. It's starting to bug me, maybe editor update 102 screwed up my game. I really don't feel like reinstalling right now. My mission probably won't be out this weekend Dan.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

That would be awesome if OpFlash2 was that moddable. You could pretty much create any type of combat simulation you ever wanted. Well, my signed copy of the SWON soundtrack should've shipped yesterday. I think GI just messed up - I've alwasy thought it was the virus messing with GW. Although you could make the case that Raiden's nanomachines, which were receiving signals from GW, were also messed up by the virus, creating communications that weren't really there...I guess you could call them hallucinations in a certain sense...I need scissors! 61!


Btw, my dad's email address is At least, I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

Last weekend, we went to Best Buy and looked around for a new keyboard because our old one's spacebar was like loose and not responding very well - you had to hit it harder than all the other keys for it to work. We ended up getting a wireless keyboard and mouse package. It's really cool. You can just pick up the keyboard and walk to the other side of the room and type from there, and the same goes for the mouse. It'd be great if I could hook up the pc to a tv and then sit on the couch and type and play games and stuff. At first I noticed that the wireless mouse cursor movement was maybe a little less smooth than the normal mouses, and if you move it back and forth really fast sometimes it lags, but I really don't notice it anymore. It's pretty cool.