Thursday, December 04, 2003

Hey Mark, my dad was wondering what your dad's email address is. We lost all our addresses when we got our new computer.

I hope I have a new computer by the time Operation Flashpoint 2 comes out. There really isn't much I want BIS to change. I think it would be pretty sweet to have it so that you could stick your gun out the window of a car. I would be awesome because then jeeps and 5T trucks would be pretty good attack vehicles. That would be the coolest thing ever online. I would love to do drivebys with hummers. Just think you see a hummer race by with 3 guys shooting M60s out the windows. Because the BMP has gunports that allow people to shoot out of them in real life, but because of the engine OFP is based on it didn't allow that. That is the worst part of OFP is that the engine is a good overall one but now that the game is getting older and addon makers are getting good at what they do, they not are starting to be restricted by how ofp was made. It sucks that they can't make anything with more than one gun on it. Just a couple months ago the OFP SciFi mod released that they found a script to allow somewhere up to 12 turrets on a vehicle. But then later released that it would not work for aircraft. So the dreams of making blackhawks with 2 miniguns are not possible. That also kills the chance of having B17s with all gun posistions. But I wouldn't mind a car with like 4-5 mounted machine guns. Maybe BAS will use that on their Landrover SOV addon. That would be pretty cool.

Anyways I gotta do math.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Hey I just got my Game Informer and it has the 50 best console games of all time. MGS2 got 6th, but I was reading what they said about it and they say, "Defining Moment: Upon regaining control of Raiden after a very stirring cutscene, the chief's transmissions become incoherent, and reality starts to turn in on itself as you hallucinate."

Raiden wasn't hallucinating, was he? I thought it was GW breaking down from that one virus that is like foxdie that Raiden got from the president. Oh well, I guess they just screwed up.

Hey they are making a video game for the incredibles, I wonder if he'll write music for that too. I wonder if the game will be any good though.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

I can see that my monitor is losing it right now. There is a little purple section up in the upper-left corner. Kinda sucks, but I'm getting my dad's old monitor anyways.

Too bad about the flu. I gotta get my shot pretty soon.