Saturday, November 29, 2003

Woah, I just saw this on some website about Pixar's new movies:

Lee Unkrich has been talking about The Incredibles and also Cars that are
being developed by Pixar "It's about a family of superheroes who go into
the witness-protection program. We're also working on 'Cars.' The main
characters are cars and the whole thing takes place on Route 66."

Cars sounds really cool! That would be an awesome concept for a movie. I would think it would be kinda depressing to be a car though, and just be stuck on Route 66 forever, totally submissive to the will of the driver...

Pandora Tomorrow sounds really cool, and so does GRJS. It's too bad you missed us - we were in Dallas with relatives for Thanksgiving and we just got home today. It was cool being able to go to Dallas, but it sucked for me. We flew down on Wednesday, and then I woke up that night with the flu, so I couldn't eat at all on Thanksgiving. I'm still kinda sick, but at least I can sort of eat...

Well, I think The Incredibles is about a family of superheroes who try to live normal lives but end up getting called out of it to save the world or something like that. It's kinda funny, I've been searching some movie soundtrack message boards and lots of people are really mad and totally think that anyone who writes for video games must completely suck. I hope MG gets to prove them wrong...

I just read that GR:JS is gonna have 160 voice commands, thats alot compared to SOCOM.

We are heading home today. It sucks, my really bad teachers all gave us homework :(

Friday, November 28, 2003

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is coming out 1/20/04. Then Twin Snakes comes out 2/2/04. Finally Pandora Tomorrow comes out 3/1/04. Can't wait for all those games. Lots of stuff happening this spring. To bad those games couldn't make it out for christmas, would have been awful nice to be able to play them over christmas break.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Sorry I'm posting so much today but I'm bored and I'm being overwhelmed by all the christmas titles.

Well actually not chrismas titles, Pandora Tomorrow isn't a christmas title and neither is Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm.

Jungle Storm looks really nice. According to IGN it says that it seems like Ubisoft is making up for having Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Xbox exclusive. GR:JS has all of the Island Thunder campaign and the new Jungle Storm. They made the graphics alot less blurry looking. They also added online play (BroadBand only) for 16 players simultaneously. They also are letting you use a microphone to lead your team around in single player and you can talk in online. Jungle Storm looks like its gonna be a competitor to socom II. I think Ghost Recon will be a worthy competitor to SOCOM II if it has really big levels and people have to work together. I'm not quite sure what platforms this is gonna be on, for sure its on PS2. I know USN will always be a socom clan but maybe we should arrange it in GR. Mark, you talked about getting a clan together for the PC ghost recon. But maybe we could get one together in the new Jungle Storm on PS2. I'll ask dan see what he thinks, he's kinda the founder of USN.

Tom Clancy has alot of good games coming out next year. Can't wait.

Woah just looking over my post, It looks to me that if you had 2 people playing pandora tomorrow together the terrorists could just stand back to back. Not sure though would be pretty funny though. I hope the servers hold like 10 terrorists and 2 spys cause then it would be easier to play on terrorists. I started calling the mercenaries terrorists because its easier to spell :)

I'm posting this from my grandpa's computer while I wait to eat thanksgiving dinner. You got a lot of snow up here. When we left we didn't have any where we are.

Anyways I was reading some stuff online and in my magazine and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is gonna be online. It said that there will be two sides spys and mercenaries. So the spys have to infiltrate a place and complete an objective (i.e. Hack a computer, find data, etc.) But the thing is the spys don't have guns that kill people, they only have stun grenades, ring airfoil rounds, sticky shockers, etc. EGM said that a sticky shocker will only stun a mercenary online and the only way a spy can kill someone is to run up and break their neck. The mercenaries do have real guns though, like AK-47s and stuff like that. The thing is the Spys will get to use 3rd person view so they can navigate things easily. The mercenaries have to use 1st person so that they can get snuck up on. Sounds pretty cool to me. I think it said that only the PS2 version will have online like that, but I'm not sure. I don't know Dan if your are gonna buy it on PS2 or Xbox, but it sure would be fun to play online with you guys.

Im defiantly gonna reserve Pandora Tomorrow.

I am thinking about getting choplifter: crisis shield, but x-play gave it a 3 of 5. I know that x-play doesn't really like simulations though. Im worried that the game might be really bad. But flying helicopters is still pretty fun. Ill have to think about it.

Anyways see you guys. Ill probably post again tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Im getting ready to come up to superior right now. Im not sure if ill see u there but Ill slip MGS2:Substance and my memory card into my cd wallet.

Thats great Ill have to see that movie. Any idea what its about?

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Whoohoo! Michael Giacchino has received his first major motion picture soundtrack assignment! He's going to be writing the score for Pixar's next movie, The Incredibles. Wow, I really hope this will open up all the big Hollywood assignments for him - he certainly deserves it. From

Michael has been officially signed as the composer of PIXAR's next animated feature, The Incredibles, directed by Brad Bird (Iron Giant). The film is set to be released November 5th, 2004.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Yeah, a 2.4 ghz will definitely run Rise of Nations. My comp runs RON just fine with graphics at max, and my comp is almost as bad as yours, 600 mhz.

I was going to watch CSI Miami last week because that was the champcar episode. The entire show was about a pit crewmember who burned to death in a stop during the champcar race in Miami, and all the investigators were learning all about champcars as they tried to solve it, like how engines are changed all the time so they couldn't get their hands on the one that was in the car during the stop to examine it, and all sorts of cool stuff like that. Or at least, that's what I heard. I missed it.

That really sucks about SWON. How's the soundtrack? You can preorder the 2-disc soundtrack now at It's coming out on Dec. 9, and if you preorder now, it'll come signed by Michael Giacchino for free! I have to order it tomorrow when my dad's awake.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

My dad's computer died so that means that Im not gonna get a new computer until next year, but he gets a new one. He says its not that great of a system but when I asked him the processer speed he told me it was 2.4 ghz. So maybe it will run rise of nations? Im not sure, it didnt support my video card. I have an Nvidia Vanta (Never heard of it? Yeah i never have either, and apparantly Nvidia hasn't too. I went to their site to update my drivers and it wasn't on the list.)

I hooked once I've seen the call of duty commericial. I want that game so bad. The commercial is awesome, I love the part where the americans are driving and shooting out the window of the jeep. Something about that which looks really cool. I wonder if its like MOH where u have like 20 guns at once or if its like OFP where u get 1 rifle and 1 handgun.

So it looks like I have to make do with what I have. I know I can run OFP on really low graphics and it will only have a little lag. The sucky thing is I have to run OFP on view distance of 500 meters when people with nice computers can run it up to i think 1000 meters. So they have about 500 meters before I can see them, but on most maps the hills would make good cover.

So I was looking for any games that would run on my computer and the CSI one does. Im killing time so ill make a table.

My Computer l CSI
Processer-----------PIII 500mhz l PII 300mhz
Video Card----------17mb l 8mb
RAM-------------------192mb l 128mb

To put into prespective what my computer is like, heres a good way to look at it. The Dell Axim X3i PDA has a 400mhz processer. My computer has a 500mhz processer. So essentially my computer is a PDA with a couple extra things.

I was looking for other stuff but nothing so far i found, except barbie beauty boutique (actual game, and yes it would run)
Go here to check out-

Hey just looking here, Bloggers got spell check now, that cool, maybe they read our blog.... *looks over shoulder*

I think ill get CSI for christmas, and I want half -life too so I can play that online with dan. I am still trying to figure what one im supposed to get. What is blue-shift???

I bet u this post has Spelling stuff, ill check later.