Saturday, November 22, 2003

I rented Secret Weapons Over Normandy. Well, in my opinion it sucks. I knew it was going to be on the arcade side but not this much. you can spin all the way around in a circle in about 20 feet. So that makes it impossible to shoot down aircraft because right when u r about to get them they spin around and shoot you. I like how they made the throttle the left analog stick though, that makes it easy to adjust. This game was way to over hyped and since it was coming from Lucasarts I thought it was gonna be like Rogue Squardron but just with WWII stuff, guess its not. The game must have been released in a hurry because in 2 player there is some parts where there is horrible lag. single player bugs me because you fight what seems to be an endless attack of stuka dive bombers.

Hey, have you seen the screenshots to Medal of Honor: Infiltrator (I think thats what its called) its the GBA game that IGN says is lots better than last years sucky one that I bought. In the screenshots MOH:I is a top down shooter that looks really cool. I think it came out yesterday and if our stores have it in I might buy it so I can play it at my grandmas house when we come for thanksgiving. The screens are at IGN.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A sad day for SOCOM 2...

The hacks are out. Yes thats right I don't know what they are but they are here. I was playing on a pistol only server and then people were using M4s and AKS-74s. It sucked. I don't see what cheap fun these guys get out of shooting an AK at a bunch of other guys who only have handguns, it wouldnt even be fun because it would be such an advantage. I have only seen cheats in pistol only though. I guess it might be a glitch. But anyways glitching is still not fair. I read in GamePro that the PS2 HDD is gonna come out in march. It also said it would be used in socom 2 so maybe they can patch the game, but it just seems dumb about all the hype sony had about DNAS and other stuff, well i guess it was obvious hackers would get it sooner or later, but it sucks no matter what. I hope it will be contained to pistol only servers, but pistol only is alot of fun.

Anyways see you guys, i should be writing an essay right now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I was just playing SOCOM II It got really annoying because they planted landmines EVERYWHERE. It sucked, then the snipers would pick off the rest of us. It was cool we had this really big battle with 2 terrorists and 3 seals and my 2 seals were trying to breach the right side of sandstorm and i went far right so I came up and was prone behind a rock and then 2 terrorists run up on a hill and shoot down at the seals that were putting C4 on the wall. So anyways I just let out all this covering fire and I shot 2 100rd clips up there until i got them. So then I was behind that rock again and a dude shot an RPG back there :(

Hey I take lessons at the university for my tuba and all and so anyways my teacher wanted me to bring in a piece of music so I brought in the Band of Brothers main theme. So I dont know if hes gonna bring it down an octave or 2 so that u can play it on a tuba. But yeah that would be pretty sweet to play it, might take a little practice but it would be worth it. It would be cool to bring down the MGS2 theme a couple ocatves too. But that song would be hard to play on one insturment.

I stopped working on my OFP campaign for a while but now i really want to work on it again. My missions kinda suck though so im starting over and Im gonna use the INQ High detail M16s and M249s instead of the BAS and JAM ones. It would look a lot better with those. I dont really want to use the Tonal buildings either, those messed up my game.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

lol, a visually impressive letdown.

I just saw the Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun commercial. Its cool. Bunch of planes flying really low over pearl harbor and the guy is in the water and lots of stuff is blowing up.

I played Operation Flashpoint a good deal of today. I was playing CTI online. I played about 3 1-2 hour games with this one dude from britain who runs a server.

Anyways got to check my email and then go to bed, I got a math test tommorrow.