Friday, November 07, 2003

Basically, it's a news story that says Michael Giacchino's Secret Weapons Over Normandy soundtrack is going to get a two-cd release later this year! Very cool.

I just saw The Matrix Revolutions. It's incredibly cool with some great action sequences. There is no philosophical payoff whatsoever - it doesn't answer any of the questions that the first two movies present so it's kind of a letdown, but it's the most visually impressive letdown I've ever seen.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Woah two words for online, thermal scope. It rocks. You can attach it to any sniper in the game. It takes up one inventory slot.

I have played more maps and I like sandstorm the most so far. Its a breach map and the seals have to take down an enemy base. There are 3 places where u can get in with C4. You can blow up a radio tower to prevent the terrorists from launching air strikes 2. There is an AA gun u can put C4 on but I have no idea what that does.

I used M203s online once and they are funny. I was within 15 feet of the dude so the detanator never armed. It was funny the M203 just sat there and guy capped me in the head.

And RPGs in socom II suck. I shot one like 7 feet away from a guy and he lived. Thats ok cause I was scared RPGs would be over used in the game.

Wow, I'd really like to try out your 5.1 sound, lol. That must be so cool.

Btw, here's a review of the MOH Rising Sun soundtrack by the new guy, Christopher Lennertz. Sounds like it's pretty good.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

If u didnt get that last part I made usn and will drop leadership eventually.

Im writing this while socom 2 is booting.

Ive played 3 missions offline and 1 round of online.

Its amazing. there is music online and gunshots are soooo cool. Grenades shake your camera. flashbangs turn screen white and then fades to a screen with the wrong colors then it changes normal. Explosions look real. Playing on 5.1 surround is amazing.

new guns:
SA-80 (called IO-80A2 in socom, but its SA-80 only all silver.)
SASR (Draganouv sniper)
HK5 (little MP5 used by SAS)

Gotta go gonna play now

btw, I got USN in socom 2, Im leader right now but will hand it off to dan when he gets on. when u guys make a name DO NOT put a clan tag in front. It auto tags u. So I make my player Fork122 and when I get into USN it will make me [USN] Fork122.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

IGN said SOCOM 2 and Call of Duty are really good. I just wish I had a better computer...

I actually just got around to my first dual cross-country flight last weekend. I was really busy with school when it got started so it took me a while to get back into the routine. The one I did last weekend was Superior-Ashland-Hayward-Superior. This Saturday I'm doing Superior-Siren-Hayward-Superior. Then I do another one up around like Duluth and Cloquet and Moose Lake, and from there, it's just however many I need before my instructor thinks I'm good enough to do my solo cross-countries.

I really wish we would've had a snow day today. Last night, all the news stations were saying we'd get 5-8 inches, but then we only got like 2. Oh well...

If you ever make any music send it to me mark. I want to hear it.

How are flight lessons going? Are you still do cross country flights?

Ill have comments of socom 2 porbably by thursday/friday.

It's weird when its the last day of waiting for something. Gets kinda scary. Im worried I'll get myself hurt or something so I cant play. It would REALLY suck if I broke my arm tommorrow at school so I wouldnt be able to play with the cast.

The space mod is pretty sucky. For almost all the thing they disabled user input so its a ride almost the entire way.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Yeah, I'd be recording music. I could record instruments through a mic, or with some good software synthesizer and software I could compose music and make it sound pretty good with good samples. I don't know how much I'd use it, but I figure it'd cool to have just if I want to. And I figure I can take it with me when I go to college, so if I ever really get into it there, I can record stuff if I want to. Hey Dan, are you planning on getting Call of Duty? Cause Eric and I probably wouldn't be able to run it on our computers.

On wednesday Ill register [USN] Fork122 and Fork122. Because I hear rumors saying there will be an auto tag system that will put a clan tag in front of their name.

Mark what are you gonna record on your PC. Im just curious. Like music or something?

I downloaded a spaceship for OFP the screenshots look cool. You can launch and then drop the external fuel tanks and then get into space and see earth. It looks cool gonna try it now.

Any ideas when your gonna get SOCOM II Dan?

Wow, the Packers beat the Vikings at the Metrodome! That doesn't happen too often. Bet your dad was ticked, Eric, lol. Btw, Dan, I just added you to my buddy list. I haven't used any IM programs for a long time, but I just Windows XP today and loaded that. Wow, it really cleared up some problems I had on my computer. I even ended up with more space on my hard drive after installing it than I had before. I had 3 gigs free before I installed it and afterwards I had almost 6 gigs free. I don't know how that works, but XP is great. So I'll probably feel more like being online for longer because my computer isn't such a pain to use anymore. That pc you're getting sounds awesome, too. I've decided I want to set up a home recording studio with my pc. I bought TechTV's book about it, and I bought a MIDI keyboard. I figure all I really need right now is a good mic, a mixer, and a good recording/sequencing program, which I can probably all get for maybe $300.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Software Etc. called me, they said my socom II copy comes on wednesday.

I'm gonna go watch the viking game on TV.