Friday, October 10, 2003

Hey, I've finally gotten around to posting again. What to say...

Are any of you guys into rugby? The Rugby World Cup is going on now, and I bought EA's Rugby 2004. The controls are a bit odd, but it's a really fun game. I'm working on writing an article right now for my school paper about rugby and our rugby team. Rugby is such an awesome sport - it's gotta be the most exciting sport involving a ball in the world.

Hey Eric, how did your paper about the skeleton turn out? I still haven't beaten Metriod Prime. I'm working on Xenosaga right now - that game is great. In terms of story, it's pretty close to MGS2 - there's an incredible network of metaphors and references to religion, psychology, and quantum physics. I also bought Final Fantasy VII and The Legend of Dragoon, two old PS1 rpgs. Paul is playing FF8 right now, and I'll get around to Legend of Dragoon after I beat Xenosaga. Maybe. I've got a ton of PS1 rpgs that I've had forever and want to finish - Alundra 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. And now I have Xenosaga and Legend of Dragoon.

I've been really busy with school and orchestra and Civil Air Patrol and everything. I guess I should get to bed now - I have a big flying lesson tomorrow - it's my first cross country. The lesson will be for like 4.5 hours - my instructor and I will spend like two hours planning it and then we'll spend two hours flying it. I think it'll be from Superior to Ashland to Hayward to Superior. I flew it through in FS9 tonight, which is cool to do. I got my real life navigational chart and followed along with everything, and I think it really helps. Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow. Talk to you guys later.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Eric Hutchinson wrote:
Ok to make this mission work. go to C drive\program files\codemasters\operationflashpoint\users\whatever ur username is\missions. Now put a new folder in there called CO_BHD_V1.0.Mog2

Okay now put the PBO file attached with this Email into that folder.

Now go into mission Editor and load CO_BHD_V1.0 Now just do save and Export to multiplayer missions.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Woah, Ballistic Addon Studios just released there "Lost Island" and the OpFor pack for OFP. Its a 155mb download, quite big. But it sure looks nice. According to them its got 2 islands, a ton of units, tons of vehicles, and a bunch of MP and Co-op missions. I think its has a single player campaign too. It looks awesome, They said its pretty demanding on computers though. That sucks, Its gonna lag on mine. I sure wish my dad would get me a new computer. An XPS would be nice, but like you said dan, whatever Dell you have would be awesome too. Is yours the 8200?

Anyways I'm downloading it right now and its only like 22 pervent done. My connection is pretty fast right now because everyone is asleep and my sister is taking all the bandwith :)

Too bad they didnt release it saturday, because today I have to study for science and go buy pants, well thats my luck.

Do you think your gonna be there on monday Dan?