Saturday, September 13, 2003

Socom 2 comes out in 52 days. I think that is the set date, I saw a promo poster that said coming 11.4.03 so I think they would have it set if Zipper is making posters...

Ha ha ha, did you see David Letterman last night. He announced that he is having a kid. He said that he doesn't want one that takes dumps in its pants though. He also mentioned that it was good having a kid now because when the kid starts getting it trouble and stealing cars, he'll be dead. I think he said he is 57 right now.

Wow, Football is alot easier now. It cooled down alot here so its alot more comfortable and we started getting into teams so instead of just doing conditioning we actually get to run plays. Is pony league tackle football?

Anyways I'm gonna go watch saturday night live.