Saturday, August 16, 2003

AA sounds cool, but I don't have a good enough comp to run it. I downloaded it when it first came out but it never run well enough to really play it well. I think my comp might be able to handle CS, but I'm not sure. I'll wait until I get a new comp, then I'll probably get CS and AA and Ghost Recon and Battlefield 1942 and all those good games, lol.

Eric, that MGS2 ending analysis is at
It gets kinda technical, but it's really interesting if you like that kind of stuff, like me.
Dan, if you didn't watch the cutscenes in that game, Eric is going to have a lot of explaining to do to you, lol.
Oh, and I have about 20 hours of flying right now, about 4 hours of solo. Pretty soon I'll move on to the dual cross country phase of my training, and then I'll do my solo cross country, and then I'll go all over it again and study for the written and take the checkride and then I'll have my private pilots license. I have 20 hrs, and the minimum you need is 40 hrs, but I'll probably have more like 50 or 60 or maybe even more by the time I take the checkride - almost no one takes the checkride right at the minimum. You really need more time than the legal minimum to become proficient enough. I'm aiming to have my license by Plum Lake next year. Not like I'll be able to fly there or anything, but that's just the timeframe I'm aiming for.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I updated to americas army 1.9 and now there is medic training and you have to take tests and stuff like that they put in a bunch of know stuff like now the guys in it have more resolution. they now look better than the guys in socom which that is what i think!
So now all my training is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no schedule on the halo party but it will be soon. On Monday my mom is going to work in the cities and will come home every 3 to 4 days and will stay for i think 4 days. i have been board this week so i was playing Socom and now i got the alaska missions beat in lt. so now i have to beet each misson in every single other place six times which will probably take 4 or 5 days so i will be busy when i dont play at my friends and i saw the shotgun in socom when i was on a glitch no kill server i was carrying it around for a long time!! Eric i got invited into BNB clan which i can face all by myself and win in cs and i was wanted back on |DD| or known as TCA but i think i will stay on USN for now. Americas army is on 1.9 and Counter-Strike is still on 1.5 but 1.6 will be out soon which means swat shield fun lol. but anyways AA has been out for 1 year and cs has been out for like 5 or 6 years lol. how many patches does americas army need? Well call me when u get back eric and mark i will send you a pic of me and a saying for the usn socom clan. how many hours do you still need for flying? well just wondering see ya guys