Friday, July 18, 2003

Hey, I just noticed our site hit counter is now a really generic not-cool-looking one... I'll look into that...I bet you have to pay now to get the cool ones, the way the net is becoming now, the end of free...

Yeah, spellcheck would be cool. Sorry I haven't posted lately, I just got back from our weeklong vacation in Glacier National Park, which was really cool. We basically just drove and walked around and looked at mountains and mountain goats and lakes and streams and waterfalls. And we met some guy who knew your dad! My dad was waiting in line at the snack store at our hotel with the chef and he asked us where we were from and my dad said, "Superior, Wisconsin" and some other guy was like, hey, we're from Eau Claire! And we're like, Do you know Bill Hutchinson? and the guy was like, Hmm, Bill Hutchinson... and my dad was like, Dentist over at Hillside..., and the guy was like, Oh yeah! Of course! I know who he is! But apparently his dentist was someone else your dad works with. But that was pretty cool, to just randomly meet someone across the country who knew your dad. Oh, and we saw the trains too, the Empire Builder, and the BNSF Dash-9s pulling freight cars along the Marias Pass, which is exactly one of the trains and routes in Train Simulator, if you have that game (I can't remember if you do or not, sorry). Oh, and FS 2004 won't come in two editions, it will just be one. It looks really cool - it's got an incredible new weather engine, plus all the awesome historical planes. I'll definitely get it. I'm really not sure if it will run on my comp either, but my dad's thinking about getting a new one maybe. I bet it will run on my existing comp too, and probably yours too, if we turn down the graphics options all the way. But it would be cool if you got it because then we could fly together. Do you have Combat Flight Simulator 2? You do, don't you? It would be real cool to play that online sometime. Plus, the scenery is like all water so it runs well on my comp.

Yeah, Cote' De Azure or whatever is really the Monaco street circuit used for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. One of the few real life tracks in GT3. Defintely the hardest and coolest track in the game. That once chicane that you talked about, in the past it was a lot less pronounced, a lot quicker, and a lot more dangerous; a lot of drivers either died there or flew off the road and into the harbor. I never did finish GT3 100% - I got kinda bored with it because once you have good cars it's really easy.

Anyway, I gotta work tomorrow so I gotta go to bed. Talk to ya later.