Sunday, July 06, 2003

I just thought of something for SOCOM 2. They need to have cooler sniper rifles. I don't like most of the seal's sniper rifles. The M87ELR and SR-25 are the only good ones, and those aren't fun. I want like the M21, PSG-1, or M24. Those are all cool. If they had those I would be a sniper almost every round. Sorry guys I just watched a sniper show on the history channel. I am a little obsessed with sniping at the moment.

Hey, Mark I figured out why MGS2 wasn't working on my surround sound. I needed to get an optical cable. So I just went to Best Buy and bought one. Wow, I bought a four foot cable and it costed $70, lucky my dad split the cost with me. Before Indy Car Series didn't work in DTS either, but the optical cable can send a digital signal instead of an analog signal. So now it is truly surround sound, only for my PS2 though, our cable box doesn't have a optical cable output and neither does our VCR, we need to get a DVD player soon. Anyways if you ever come to our house again MGS2 will work.

I think I broke my SOCOM microphone yesterday. I wound it up around the frame so it was out of the way for our Fourth of July party and I think maybe the wire on the inside broke. That sucks pretty bad. At Best Buy I saw the one fancy Logitech PS2 microphone, but I think I will wait until september for sony's official microphone.

Are you going to get FS2004? I'm not really sure if our computer can run it. I might wait and see. Do you know if Microsoft is gonna do the thing where there is FS2004 Professional and FS2004 Standard. Kinda like what they did with FS2002.

This new blogger is nice. I wish they would of adding in spell check though. That would be a nice feature I think. I guess alot of people are gonna use alot of abbreviations on the internet ( I think I spelled abbreviations wrong).

I started to work on GT3 more now. I am only like 23% done though. I did the Audi TT race yesterday (In the beginners league). That is a really fun race. I had the most fun on the last race though. I think it is Cote' De Azure or something like that. It is an awesome track with alot of passing and alot of cool turns, I like the one straight-away with the chicane right in the middle of it.

Anyways I have to go now.