Sunday, June 15, 2003

I bought the lost Vikings and I would write a summary but im in a hurry, my dad wants to get on computer

I want FS2004 but I doubt my comp wouldn't run it. Funny thing though my mom and I were at bestbuy and I was looking at those Alienware Area51 computers and my mom is like, "well that looks funny, its all green" lol i thought that was kinda funny for some reason. I wouldn't mind if my parents got me an Alienware, its only 2,300 dollars ;)

okay gotta go

Yeah, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is hilarious. I wish I had cable so I could watch it - I've only seen three episodes, one at my grampa's and the two at your house. I think TNN bought a total of 13 episodes. Did you hear about how Spike Lee has sued them for wanting to change the name of TNN to Spike TV, and a court has made them stop planning the name change now? It's kinda funny.

Did you watch the Gordon/Montoya car swap? It was really cool, Montoya was only 1.1 secs off of Gordon's best time in the stock car and Gordon was only 1.3 secs off of Montoya's time in the F1 car. It was pretty cool to watch them adapt so quickly to each other's car.

I saw one of those new Game Boys, with the backlight and all today - some girl had one in the lounge of the hospital that I was at visiting my grandma Jean - she had sextuple bypass surgery a couple days ago, or whatever you call surgery where there are six heart bypasses. I know double bypass, triple bypass, and quadruple bypass, but I don't know past that. So anyway, that's where I was today and some girl had one. It looks pretty cool, but I like the horizontal layout of the GBA - the GBC seemed like it cramped my hands because of the vertical layout. I haven't heard about The Lost Vikings at all. I actually haven't been on pocket IGN in a while. Have you checked out FS2004? It just went gold and it comes out at the end of July and it looks really good. I just wish I had a better comp to run it on. Btw, I suppose I should mention that we might not be at Plum Lake - my birthdad wants to come and visit us sometime in August, but he hasn't said when yet. He wasn't even sure if he would be able to, but if he does, and if it just happens to be during the Plum Lake week, I think we'll be staying home so he can visit us. So it's possible that we might not be at Plum Lake for the entire week, or maybe not at all. Btw, who are you rooting for in the US Open? I was pulling for Tom Watson but he's fallen back. I think I'll root for that Australian in second place that nobody's ever heard of.