Saturday, June 14, 2003

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I have just never got around to doing it.

Well Plum Lake is getting pretty close. I think maybe we should decide on a GBA game. Advance wars 2 looks pretty cool. I think The Lost Vikings looks like a fun side scroller, I might get that, it just looks cool.

Well the race sounded pretty cool. I watched some of that on TV but missed most of it.

Mark, you have my dad and me HOOKED on Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. We have watched every episode since you came down to Eau Claire. It is so funny. My sister likes it too, but my Mom "doesn't get it". Dan and I have watched a few times together too, I think you liked it? Didn't you Dan? Have you seen the one where the guy broke Captain Tenneel's sword?

Well I am gonna go watch SNL.