Friday, May 09, 2003

Oh, and have you seen the trailer for the remake of The Italian Job? I've never seen the original, but I've always wanted to, and I'm definitely going to see the new remake when it comes out, it look so awesome...

Well, E3 is underway. Did you hear about the next Metal Gear game? It's a remake of the orginal PSX MGS for GameCube, and it's not being developed by Konami - they farmed the devlopment out to Silicon Knights instead. Pretty interesting. It's supposed to look even better than MGS2. There are also rumors that MGS3 will be unveiled at E3, but whatever the case, Hideo Kojima won't be directing the game's development. Have you seen the next addon for MOHAA? It's called Breakthrough, and it will cover the African through Italian theaters. Looks pretty cool.

I got this air traffic control addon for FS2000 to work with FS2002. It's called ProFlight 2000, and it basically creates FS adventures to fly, but with totally realistic air traffic control. It's a great addon, and the ATC is so realistic. And the best part is that it comes with a demo of a program called Game Commander, which is basically a macro-programmable voice recognition program for gaming. If you use a mic, you type in a phrase you want it to recognize, and then the buttons you want the program to operate for you when you say that phrase, and it'll "press" the buttons automatically. It's really awesome and works well, and its great for air traffic control. The demo version only lets you enter 10 macros, but that's enough phrases to let me do the communications of an entire flight in FS2002 just by actually speaking with ATC. It's really cool.

Oh, and I just got a minidisc player. I could've spent the money on SOCOM and a network adapter, but I had just saved up enough money to buy them when my dad picked me up from a flying lesson last weekend and David told me that my dad had gotten a minidisc player. They were on clearance at Target, I guess they were making room for this years models, but just last weekend, they went from $200 down to $100, and I really couldn't resist, so I bought one of my own. MD players are so nice, you can fit close to two CD's worth of good quality music onto them, and the blanks are so small and they don't scratch since they're in the protective case.

Hmmm, I am pretty far behind on the countdown oh well its 158

Monday, May 05, 2003

Sorry I did the countdown wrong I will go in days for ease of use. COUNTDOWN: 162

Well here we go again another countdown. It seems like Dan and I just finished our original countdown for SOCOM. Well anyways SOCOM 2 is set for 10-14-03. That is not official though I got it from Another E3 I look forward too. Splinter Cell 2, SOCOM 2, and a new MGS is what I want from this E3. I don't know if MGS will be at E3 though. Well I will be trying to post the countdown and SOCOM news now every day. 5 months 9 days so far.