Thursday, May 01, 2003

Mario Andretti's crash was pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is that he survived it. I mean know Dale Ernhardt's crash??? That looked small compared to Andretti's.

No I havent played BF1942, I downloaded the demo but it cant run on this computer.

I havent played the multiplayer on MOH maybe I can rent it the friday before the week you come down? I will ask my mom if she will take me.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Yeah, I can't wait to come down and see your house. It'll be cool - we can watch the Indy 500 together, and then we'll probably have to head home sometime after that. And I want to hear your surround sound setup. Did you see Mario Andretti's crash during practice? Wow, that was incredible.

Red Faction is a really good game. Multiplayer is really fun - you can do one on one, or play with bots, too. And you can even play alone against bots if you want. There's an autoaim feature which makes it fun and easier to play, and there are some really cool weapons. Like, there's a high powered rail gun with an infrared scope so you can see and fire at people through all of the walls in the level, and there are rocket launchers and stuff.

I heard the game BHD was good. Have you played Battlefield 1942? I downloaded the demo and that's an awesome game...I heard a report on National Public Radio that somebody made an Iraq mod for it, so you can fight with Abrams tanks and rpgs and stuff and simulate modern war in Operation Iraqi Freedom...that sounds cool...

Gokarts are always fun. Last year, the second time we left, some kid had a kart that was a lot faster than mine and he blew everyone away. A lot of its just luck, I guess. Btw, have you played the NGC or Xbox versions of MOH Frontline? Cause those have multiplayer, and I bet they're a lot of fun. I've played the original MOH for PSX on multiplayer, and that's ok, but the graphics and frame rate take a hit. Oh, and I really want to get Colin McRae Rally 3 now that that's out. It looks really good...

So, you are coming down for Memorial Day weekend??? Sounds cool. I got to show you Splinter Cell and Operation Flashpoint. I think David could watch Splinter Cell because it is only teen and like MGS so it isn't bad. If not I got Nightfire and that is a fun game, but I only have 2 controllers on my Gamecube. My basement is pretty messy, I will try to clean it to some extent. After I hooked up the surround sound there are cords everywhere and since the computer down there used to be my sisters until she got a laptop it has like all this food and junk in the keys. Sunday that weekend is Indy too that is pretty cool, I wish I was there though.

About Ghost Recon, the PS2 version is pretty fun! Well I guess thats after you used the codes to get the cool mission. Another thing the GR single player is really boring. But co-op multiplayer is really fun. For Splinter Cell I beat the CIA mission and am on Kalinatek (I think thats how it is spelled).

I have seen Red Faction but how is the multiplayer just like Bond kind of???

It is funny at Plum Lake how fast the time goes, but then it seems like we were just there. Last year I lost at go-karts because my foot was to far over and my heel was on the brake and my toe was on the gas. I thought my engine was louder that all of yours, I think you'll still win though you got all that strategy down.

Yeah I have seen Black Hawk Down, 2 days before Indy in the hotel in Indianapolis I watched it via PPV in the hotel with my dad. Dan got the game too. Dan how is it??? Are you running it on the Dell??? I think you would be, lol the demo of blackhawk down worked on my computer by the ground was purple, green, and yellow on my computer and the scope was a picture of the server list.