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racing, flying, simracing, simflying, and British comedy
a work in progress, more to come

a friends site dedicated to encouraging international perspective and how to use your coconuts...nudge nudge...
best all around auto racing news site on the web
best all around aviation news site on the web
good simracing news site with the best simracing forums on the web
good site and great forums for the flight sim community
the funniest man alive, the official site of British executive transvestite stand up comic Eddie Izzard
the best unofficial Eddie site on the web - news, pics, articles
a definitive Monty Python site with scripts of all the movies, nearly all the sketches, and lots of wavs
another definitive MP site
Meigs Field, the famous airport in Chicago's harbor (that serves as the default airport in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series of flight sims), is fighting a battle against politicians and budget cuts to stay alive...  This is a great site and I love the live audio feed of Meigs' ATC comm
Ever heard of video game music, or VGM?  If not, you might be amazed at what VGM is today - VGM composers have been household names in Japan for years, their compositions are as diverse as they are rich in quality, and they've been finally getting recognition now in the states, with a couple being recognized in TIME.  They could be considered close to the equivalent of movie scores - indeed, Harry Gregson-Williams, a composer for Shrek and Enemy of the State, has crossed into the video game medium, writing a soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid 2.   Project Majestic Mix is an entirely fan-produced and fan-funded project, the first of its kind, that has remixed tunes of one particular VGM composer, Nobou Uematsu, the composer for the Final Fantasy series of games, and who was named one of TIME magazine's 100 Innovators of the next century.  Hit the link for the Project's site - the CDs are on sale now!