Yellowcard violin sheet music

Yeah, this is all stuff that I've transcribed. Enjoy! Email me at or catch me on the board at the YC site, .

03.22.06 - If you just came here, sorry, I haven't done any Yellowcard requests for ages, and don't plan to...sorry. On the other hand, here's a piano sheet I transcribed from Fullmetal Alchemist! XD

05.14.04 - Ok, after having not checked my Hotmail account for 30 days, all my messages got deleted. And yes, I actually was planning on working on all of your requests...I'm just too busy with school right now. But if you sent me an email with a request, I've lost your email address - so please email me again. Sorry!

A cue from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist called Kodoku, a track from the second OST. It's a piano arrangement of the theme from Bratja (Brothers), the song sung in Russian by two boy solos that features in the series and represents Ed and Al's bond, and their promises to each other. This particular cue is used in Episode 38 - With The River's Flow (one of my favorite episodes) during the flashback scene where Ed walks down to the river to find Al.
Here's a midi, if you'd like to hear it.
By the way, the file is a PDF generated by Lilypond, an open source notation project. No GUI, it's all scripts, but the output is pretty dern pretty, eh?

Avondale, page 1
Avondale, page 2

For Pete's Sake

October Nights, page 1
October Nights, page 2

Powder, page 1
Powder, page 2


Something of Value, page 1
Something of Value, page 2

Sure Shot

Way Away

Added on 12.20.03

Breathing, page 1
Breathing, page 2

Rock Star Land (from One For the Kids)
I wasn't quite sure how to write out some of the rhythms and the grace notes/trills, so if it looks weird just listen to the cd.

Cigarette, page 1
Cigarette, page 2
Cigarette, page 3
Cigarette, page 4
This is a work in progress, only I'm not really making progress because I've pretty much given up on it - I know there's a bunch of stuff that's not exactly the way it is on the cd, but it's as close as I can get. What I've done is for a string quartet, but I'm pretty sure a string bass is also on the cd, and I couldn't figure it all out so I just condensed the whole thing into a quartet... It's more like a crap arrangement than a transcription. If you know some of the parts that I don't, feel free to email me.

Also, a Flogging Molly song:
The Likes of You Again, page 1
The Likes of You Again, page 2
The Likes of You Again, page 3
The Likes of You Again, page 4
There's no way I could write in all the trills and cuts and rolls and all that good Irish stuff, but I think I've got the basic idea of the song.

Added on 07.07.04

Ocean Avenue
I squeezed it to fit on one page so it's a bit crowded, but there's only two different riffs in the entire song so it's not too bad.


Believe, page 1
Believe, page 2
The bridge was tough, but I think I got the parts that matter. And maybe some that don't. For better or worse. Anyway, a beautiful song.
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