Friday, September 24, 2004

Hmm, the pictures aren't working on Blogger, I'll just zip them and send them to you next time I catch you on AIM.

These are some pictures from the Bush rally. Posted by Hello

We finally got the pictures developed from the Bush rally here in Eau Claire, I'll work on getting them scanned tonight and posted if I can find somewhere to host them, I think blogger can, if not I'll post them on the off topic forum in the official Flashpoint forums. I got a couple good shots of bush's face, but nothing to good. I was using a normal camera, and I just had to hold it above my head and guess where he was standing. I got 1 good one and 2 where I just completely missed. Then I have a picture of one of the guys who was on the roof of the factory looking through binoculars, in the picture you can't see it, but earlier they had come out onto the roof and set a rifle down right about where the guys feet were. I also got some good shots of Air Force one, and a couple shots of a blackhawk that was flying around the place Bush was.

I finally got Black and White to work too, it's by far one of the best games I've ever played. It has amazing physics and damage model for a game that's not that new. Also, the AI is really awesome and is probably the best part of the game, decided how you want to play through it, good or bad.

Anyways I'll hopefully get those pictures up tonight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hehe, so I was just in Boulder Junction for three days. And it rained. Go figure, lol. Yeah, I was there for my senior trip to Camp Manitowish. It was ok, the cabins were really nice with a kitchen and a big living room with huge glass windows and a kitchen. The actual "leadership" activities we had to do were kinda crap, though. Set a goal and make a plan and you can do anything!!!111111

It was kinda sad, being out in there and being so close to Plum Lake but not actually being there. Like my counselor showed up one day and said he'd just come back from buying food in Minoqua and I was like, awww, it's just like the cabin. Only not.

Anyway, so I'm back. Talk to ya later.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I downloaded the MOH: Pacific Assault demo, and wow, it looks pretty. But its also laggy. It's pretty much non-playable, but you only get to change the options 1 time, so I'm not gonna bother messing around with options. I dunno I'll have to see what they say for system requirements when it comes out, cause right now its just too laggy.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Its the Rome: Total War demo. I'm downloading it right now. On the history channel show that uses the same engine, they were talking about sparticus or somebody like that, and how he had an army that was 100,000 strong, I doubt the game could do that many people. It never actually showed all the troops at once, so they probably filmed it in parts.

"As we've mentioned before you'll be downloading the tutorial for Rome: Total War as well as the Battle of Trebia, one of the historical battles included with the final product. Along with that is a flash file with more great screens and information for your digestion."

That's what IGN says the demo is.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Saw this article on the main page of the BBC News site from a reporter who covered Bush at Chippewa Falls. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I dunno if I told you last night I also bought Hidden and Dangerous 2, but well I did, and I went to install it today, and Disc 1 has a big scratch on it. It looks like it's pretty deep too. I get an error when I install too, I assume it has to do with that scratch. So I guess I'm running out to Best Buy again today to see what they say, Best Buy doesnt have any other copies to exchange though, which sucks. I dunno how this is gonna work out but it should.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'll drop by on AIM about 8 or 9 tonight to see if your on. The coupon I have to Best Buy expires Tuesday, so I gotta decide before then.

Yeah, your right about LAN, how many computers are we gonna have? Are you going to bring both your laptops? I wonder if my sister will even let me bring hers. I'll try to convince her though.
I got the router, and I'll bring a couple ethernet cables incase the wireless goes wacky. I'll try to convince her though.

What do we have to play on LAN? Cannon Smash, Soldat, and Homeworld2 might work. Operation Flashpoint would work and I got some really cool WWII addons if we wanna try those out. I'll burn all those and all my Multiplayer missions in Flashpoint to a disc. I'm sure Operation Flashpoint could run on your computers. I guess there is Rise of Nations, and I think in RoN LAN doesn't use CD-Keys, you can connect with just 1 copy, so I'll bring Thrones and Patriots just for kicks.

I guess yah, we do have alot of stuff, and the WWII mod for OFP is like 380mb it's pretty much a total conversion, most things are changed, I think the only thing that stays are the Civilian textures and some of the building textures. Then there is always the mission editor in OFP if we run out of missions.

I just read that Tiger Woods 2005 is coming out in September, I don't really want to wait, and in a golf game not much changes, probably only physics and a couple courses.