Saturday, February 28, 2004

Ok Im back on AIM

Yeah Ill be right back. So right now Im off AIM

Right now Im getting a ton of WWII stuff for flashpoint, Ill be on AIM but will probably be in flashpoint, Ill check back every once in a while though

Friday, February 27, 2004

But when Nintendo finally announced its "innovative machine"--the Nintendo DS--on Wednesday night, most people weren't prepared for how different the machine actually was. While Nintendo didn't release any pictures of the portable game system, it did reveal its schizophrenic design. The DS will sport two separate, back-lit 3-inch TFT LCD screens, to give players both an overview and a zoom-able close-up view. It will also have two separate 32-bit ARM microprocessors: a primary CPU from the ARM9 line and a ARM7-family subprocessor. ARM processors are commonly used in cell phones, PDAs, and other many handheld devices--including the Game Boy Advance SP.

Unfortunately, Nintendo was less forthcoming about software, saying only that the DS would be "marketed separately from the company's existing Nintendo Game Boy Advance portable system and Nintendo GameCube home console." In other words, the DS it won't play GBA or GC games, and developers will have to get familiar with a whole new format. Officially, that's no problem. "We’re talking with third-party developers, and the initial reaction is very positive," said Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs. "They’re very intrigued about the software possibilities."

Heres links to concepts arts people made, some are really fake, but some look pretty good:

lol and for some stupid reason this one makes me laugh:

EGM had one that was actually pretty good but right now I cant find it. There are tons on the internet where its just the SP with two screens, but some are pretty cool. I cant wait to see exactly how nintendo does this.

Yeah I'll be on AIM. Just IM me I got the volume way up, I'll be playing socom but I should hear it.

I'm not sure - I'm gonna be on until dinner in case you happen to see me on aim. After dinner, I might go to Miracle with my brother. How about, if you don't see me before dinner, we'll meet at like 7, unless I post saying I can't.

Ya I can play RoN. What time?

I might be able to play, but I gotta check what we are doing tonight, probably nothing. But Ill make sure.

Wow, our new computer is awesome. Setting it up was a breeze. I love the surround sound. If you put your ear up to each of the individual speakers, you can hear some interference because we have to run the cords pretty long to the back of the room for the rear speakers, but overall, when you're sitting at the desk in the middle of them all, it sounds great. MOHAA gunfire is really awesome. And it's just overall so much faster. It takes maybe 30-45 seconds to boot up from power turned off to my desktop. I love it. Clicking on our C drive and seeing "100 GB free" is so cool. And I'm gonna get our old computer in my room too. FS9 runs great on our new system, like 30 fps with practically all the gfx sliders moved all the way to the max, same with MOHAA. I haven't installed RoN yet, but I'll do that tonight (as in Friday, since I'm posting past midnight, hehe). Do you want to play tonight? Post if you want to.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yeah but there still might be hope. I just gotta think of what to do.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Woah, JO:TR sounds really cool. A realistic BF1942, that'd be awesome. That's too bad about your dad and the computer. It was worth a try anyway, lol... According to, ours is shipping in three packages - I think the computer, the speakers, and the camera, or maybe the computer and camera, monitor, and speakers. Anyway, at least one of them is Minneapolis right now, and says they should all be delivered tomorrow. My dad is having them ship it to his bank so it wouldn't sit around outside at our house if they delivered it there. tracking is so much fun, lol. I canceled my Firebird II order, so I'm gonna ask my dad if I can order an Aerobird soon. Maybe not too soon, because he just spent $1500 on the computer, but soon...

Woah I kinda think this didnt post right, but the links should show up in the "Manage Posts" in Blogger.

I dunno, but it bumped down all the other post, or at least it looked like it before.

So heres what I heard so far is in JO:TR


I just assume the use the newer MH47 and not the CH47 and I wasnt sure if they would use the UH60 or MH60. Also the HMMVW in the photo has a M240 on top, the one in JO has a M2 .50 Cal.
Theres more, cant think of them right now though.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Bohemia Interactive Australia registered some month ago a new domain name: . The site have been discovered by Quicksand, an Official Forums' member. Unfortunaly the index page have been taken down just after its discovery but here are the screenshots (only in thumbnails). It's probably the new rumoured expansion. You can read more speculations about it in this thread.--OFP.CZ

Well apparantly thats another expansion to OFP?! Kinda weird, but some of the screenshots that were on were also on only on they were blurred out so they werent ever recognizable. But I guess later they figured this out:

According to our sources the BIS Australia side project we've mentioned before is certainly Virtual Battlefield System 2, so it's not for public release but only for military use. If you don't know exactly what VBS is check this page.--OFP.CZ url goes to

So its another version of VBS I guess. But if some of those screens were on maybe those are game shots too. I have no idea but if they are they look really cool.

Theres some screens at (scroll down to 2-22-04, or It could be in archive now) and has some screens they enlarged.

OFPEC called it OFP 1.5. It looks like some kinda spec op campaign, I kinda hope its not an expansion though and kinda of a total redoing of the game, but still keeping the good parts.

Hey I just noticed my google toolbar has blocked 1000 pop ups. Thats cool.

The chair on my computer was higher today and that means my dad used it cause he always raises the chair, I checked the history, but he didn't go to the Dell site. I was looking around the Dell site just now and the 1Gb memory upgrade ends Wednesday.

Hmmm, I wonder what the system requirements for Joint Operations will be, probably pretty high with all the foliage on the maps.

The official JOTR site is at
just click on the add for it at the top of the page and it brings you to the site for JO

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Hmmmm, so far its looking here like maybe well get another snowday. We gotta lot of water and slush on the ground and its raining, if It all freezes we'd have alot of ice. That would make it our 4th snowday and that'd make us need to make up 2 extra days.

He he, I left the word document of u on AIM sitting on the desktop. I saw my dad reading it this morning. I doubt thats gonna make him change his mind though, that kinda sucks. I saw the Dell commercial 2x today and they were talking about the free 2MP camera until Feb 22. Christmas is a long time away, that sucks.

Laura is getting her Temps on Monday I think. It would suck if my parents bought her a car sometime cause then I'd have to wait alot longer to get a Dell. My computer can't play any games really, it sucks. I really wanna get Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising but I doubt either of these computers could run it. That game looks awesome. Its made by Novalogic and looks alot like the DF:BHD series. But this time its in the jungle and is mainly multiplayer. Nova said that it was kinda like BF1942 because it was big multiplayer battles (I think its 32 or 64 players I cant remember). But then they said that they wanted it to be like OFP being realistic and all. I've seen stuff in trailers and It looks awesome. One player can fly a MH-6 and there can be 4 ppl sitting on the benches on the sides of the MH6, they can all shoot to protect themselves too. I saw a CRRC, LCAC, and one of those Navy SEALs boats (Mk V?) Its that one that they can drive a Zodiac (CRRC) up into the back of it and get off. There was also A HMMVW that looks awesome, its got the .50 cal on top and ppl inside can shoot out of the windows. I saw a Blackhawk, but it might not be playable. Dan told me he was getting JO:TR, and with ur new computer it would run. so maybe If I ever get a new computer we could all play it. That would be pretty fun to take a littlebird and fly around together.

oh, sorry I didn't log back in. whenever a game ends my computer gets really laggy and I gotta restart.