Saturday, November 01, 2003

sorry i haven't been blogging i just have been busy w/ clan stuff in Americas Army and playing operation flashpoint. Hey i am planning to get a new computer that i have saved up for soon it is 3.0 GHz w/ a radeon 9800 pro and a 19 inch monitor. its going to be awesome since i have pre-ordered half-life 2. but the sucky thing is that hl2 is coming out in April of 2004. well got to go play w/ my clan (^DRC^) in americas army. Hey mark do you have AIM if you do my sn is USN NavySeal1080

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

lol, I was just talking to ZolaOnAOL its funny she is a robot that must be on one of the AOL servers. It has pretty nice AI. Anyways we were talking about what we do in our spare time, and I was like "I play video games" and then she went "Oh I play the turing test." ha ha i wouldn't have understood that at all if you wouldnt of taught me all that stuff about MGS2

lol i must seem like a loser, talking to AI on AIM

It almost seems like if the IRL and champ cars would merge it would be pretty cool. If they ran like 2-3 ovals and then the rest road course that would be pretty sweet I think. They would keep Indianapolis for sure, I'm not sure what else they would want to. It would be cool if IRL started to do road courses. It would add alot more variety to the IRL. I guess it would be cool to if champ cars got more popular. I would watch champ cars on MTV and stuff. I would watch them now, but I dont know when they are on. It would kinda suck if MTV had to scale down the races so people would get it. It would also suck if they had like stars announcing for the race. ughhhhh, britney spears and champ cars.... not a good thing.

Socom 2 comes out in 7 days!
Call of Duty comes out on PC tommorrow, my PC wouldnt handle it though. look there click on the pictures and hit next until you see one of B17 gun. After I look at it for a while it seems like its the Ball Turret.

SWON looks so awesome I cant wait.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

I saw that screenshot of the B-17's, but I didn't know it was a flyable aircraft. That's really cool. It'd be great if it was like that B-17 PC game where you can take any of the positions in the airplane.

That's really cool about going to the Purdue game! Too bad we lost, and again to Northwestern. I remember Northwestern beat us a couple years ago too, when we were ranked and they ruined our season. Argh...

I think the PC and console versions of Call of Duty will actually be slightly different games, with different missions and stuff, but I'm not entirely sure... Anyway, it's looking really good. PC Gamer called it "the game that will make you forget about MOHAA." At least, that's what's on the CoD site. Maybe they took it out of context. I dunno.

Well, Paul Tracy won the champcar championship today. Bruno Junqueira was leading and if he won he would've had a chance to beat PT for the championship at the last race, but then Bruno crashed. The article I read said he crashed on the front straightaway. I didn't read any in-depth reports, but you've gotta screw up pretty bad to crash on a *straightaway*. Remember that guy we saw at the Indy 500 this year who spun out while he was trying to keep his tires warm on the front straight during a yellow? That was really funny. Anyway, next season looks like it'll be pretty good, if that Motorock concept works out, where champcar sponsors huge rock concerts on the Saturday night before the race so all the teens come out, and then those concert tickets also get you into the race. There are rumors that champcar might have some races broadcast on MTV and Spike TV next year, too. If they can expand their market to all the teens, then the sponsors will come back, and then all the big teams will come back, and then all the big drivers, too. It'd be great if it all worked out that way. Oh, and next year champcar will have a race in Seoul! That's going to be so cool. Street races are huge in Korea. My cousin's been to a bunch. Actually, a car in a race in Korea crashed into a bunch of spectators and killed 3 people this weekend. Well, anyway, it's going to be really cool to see a race in Seoul. I remember seeing 700,000 people all in front of City Hall watching the World Cup third place match on the big screen TVs, so I think champcar will have a real nice market for a downtown Seoul race. And speaking of other races that champcar might have, the Friends of Meigs Field have released a plan for a combined park/airport for Meigs Field, and one of the thigns they mention is that champcar would stage a race on Meigs Field if it ever becomes operational again, like the Burke Lakefront Airport at Cleveland. Well, they don't actually say champcar - they say "grand prix" because they probably don't know much about auto racing, or they're assuming that the people who will read it don't know much about auto racing. But I'm assuming it's champcar. They have concept sketches and they sure look like champcars. If it was the IRL, then I'm sure it'd be all over the news since it would mean the IRL is definitely interested in going road racing in the very near future.

Hey Mark did you know that in Secret Weapons Over Normandy there is the B-17G. Thats awesome just found that out today. I was on lucas arts site and there is a part where it says the planes in the game, and it says that its in SWON. There are a couple of really cool screen shots of a whole bunch of B17s flying together. There also is one where there is a guy in a turret, I think its the nose gun but i'm not sure. Anyways that would be awesome if there were a couple of bombing missions in it. I kinda hope there is a free flight mode too, I like games were you can just fly around.

I downloaded the Micheal Giacchino music you posted. Its really good, I like Pegasus Bridge the most I think.

I rented Freedom Fighters. The single Player is pretty weak, but multiplayer is awesome. In single player you just take flags and blow stuff up, thats really all you do.