Sunday, September 28, 2003

Hey I'm working on a campaign for Operation Flashpoint, It loosley resembles Black Hawk Down. I don't want to try and make it exact though. I'm just making it fun. I guess it really only resembles it because theres blackhawks, littlebirds, rangers/delta, and its in mogadishu. In the first episode u are with these trucks that are giving out food (dan i kinda copied Delta Force:BHD) In the second mission u are capturing some guys from some building. Its kinda cool I am gonna make a single player campaign and then a co-op campaign for LAN. The co-op campaign will be just like single player just scaled down so it won't lag, I'll probably take out some AI and then some vehicles. if u guys got ideas, i gladly accept them :)

Well anyways I was wondering how I can get the campaign onto dans computer, and now i see this upload thing here on the blogger thing. Maybe I could load all the missions on our site so we can d/l them from here? Mark do we have like a bandwith limit? Will that make our site load slow if I got files posted here?

Anyways I got school tommorrow.