Friday, September 05, 2003

omg me and dan just found something. In MGS before you fight solidus he says, "do you know what day it is today, April 30th, 200 years ago today George washington was brought into office as the first president of the United States." Well we went online and found out that GW was sworn in on april 30th 1789. So doing basic math, it means that when raiden is at federal hall it is 1989! That is pretty weird. I dont think things like the Metal Gear Ray would be around in 1989. kinda weird. I dunno maybe you noticed it too.

That sucks about your PS2 still not running Aero Elite, but that's great that MGS2 is running now. That seemed like a really complicated procedure, to clean the laser lens.

A new Game Boy MGS would be awesome. It would still have to be top down, but it could be really good...

That part in the article about the Turing Test, that's basically just a sort of introduction about the Colonel and Rose. The article pretty much just says that obviously, the Patriots' technology is sophisticated enough to create an AI that can pass the Turing test. Then they used that technology to create the Colonel and the fake Rose to set up Raiden for the Big Shell simulation. The information they got from Raiden's mind during the simulation was to be used to help GW determine what information to delete and what to preserve.

My brother said pretty much the same thing about football in his first day of Pony league practice, that it sucks and he was really tired. I don't know if he's going to continue or not...

Yeah, my Korean cousin from Virginia, Paul Hwang, is staying with us and going to my school. We're still working on his class schedule, but he's taking mostly freshman classes, even though he's a couple months older than me and I'm a junior. It's been complicated, but that's the way its worked out because before he took classes with ESL, but those can't count as actual credits so now he needs to take them again without ESL. But overall, it's really cool. Right now he's staying in my room and my brother's sharing his room with me, but soon we're going to have one of the side rooms in our basement remodeled as a guest bedroom for him, hopefully by the end of the month.

Oh, I'm thinking of getting a nice RC car, something like the Traxxas Rustler, which isn't a storebought car, it's more like the kind you might race competitively with. Here's the manufacturer's site:
A guy I worked with brought his to work one day and they're pretty awesome. The suspension is incredible, and it goes about 20-25 mph actual, so like four times faster than any of my cars. They're selling them online at like for like $150, plus I'd have to buy a charger and battery pack. But actually, right now I'm buying a mandolin for like $80, so it might be a while before I get the Rustler. Hopefully I'll have it by the time you come for Christmas. Oh, you should check out all the stuff they have at hobbytron, especially the RC boats - they're awesome, but expensive.

This weekend I have to go to this retreat at a Y camp for my youth orchestra that I'm in. We go to this camp and practice for like 8 hours a day and last year it was 100 degrees out and it was so hot inside the building without air conditioning... Anyway, it's gonna suck. Oh well. Hopefully I can still post pretty often with school. I just haven't gotten around to it in the past week because of my cousin just arriving and getting used to the place.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Socom comes out pretty soon I think, can't wait :)

Ha ha ha, some guy on gamefaqs was showing this picture on the Twin Snakes board kinda funny, whoever made is good at photoshop. One time I made a Britany Spears that had an MP5 sub-machine gun. I used it for a school thing. I took the body of this Navy Seal and then took off his head then put on Britany Spears. Anyways heres the picture I was talking about at the start--

My Ps2 doesn't run aero elite still, or Dvds. My ps2 porbably needs to be replaced sometime soon.