Saturday, August 23, 2003

Mark I can't get the mp3 to work?! I pops up another window that says downloading so and so from that site, and then it says done, but how to a play the mp3?

It's my birthday today so i went out and bought MGS2: substance, Its cool, same story and all but its weird in the tanker mission right at the start, they show snake jump off the bridge and then they follow him (this is where MGS2:SOL ends that scene) until he lands onto the tanker. Then they show his camoflauge short out or something (there are like electrical things all over him) but this is the good part, they show Ocelot (he is the guy who got in the one Metal Gear at the end right?) flying over in a helicopter, he sees snake and says, "he is right on time." Weird huh? I am playing through MGS again with all the cutscenes so i understand it even more. The VR they have in substance is pretty cool too, I tried the skateboarding with snake, but i couldnt get it to load. I really like substance, I'll make sure to bring it when we come up for cristmas.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Eric, I found this site selling RC boats and submarines...they're pretty expensive, all like $100 or more...

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Eric, here's another thing with some analysis of MGS2's story:
It's a transcript of a special "making of" documentary that came with the European version of MGS2. In particular, part 5 is very interesting and explains some of the symbolism in the game.
Also, Michael Giacchino's main theme for Secret Weapons Over Normandy has been released as an mp3!
And on the same site is an article about his score for Call of Duty, which is being made by a new company, but it's made up of most of the guys who worked on the original Medal of Honor games, before EA bought Dreamworks.