Friday, August 08, 2003

okay we are leaving now, see ya at the lake :)

I finished packing about an hour ago, It looks like its all good. I got my GC and RF adapter, my PS2 and RF adapter and alot of games, I brought the A/V cords for my systems just in case mr. dicka switched his TVs to ones that use those. I just started metroid fusion thats really fun. I just got to sector one but I died because I jumped into this hot lava junk. Okay so next time I talk to you, we should be at the lake.

Okay I am packing right now I have GBA stuff almost done and my PS2 is done, I have yet to start on my GC. I think really only the GBA games are important for you to now what I have, okay this is what I got:
Rogue Spear
The lost vikings
Advanced Wars
Metroid Fusion
Wave Race
Medal of honor Underground
Pac Man
Micro Machines
Madden 2002
F-14 Tomcat
Tony Hawks Pro skater 2
Top gun
Metal Gear Solid
Donkey Kong
And there is alot more, but I wont bump everyone elses posts down to tell you them :)

Thursday, August 07, 2003

I don't think I am gonna have that stuff together all by tonight, im gonna sleep over at dans. I should be packed by 11 tommorrow morning

Well I am gonna get that stuff together after dinner tonight. I will bring GT3 too. I will post again tonight of what all i have once i have it all packed. We are gonna leave tommorow and to my understanding we are gonna stay at a hotel somewhere. I am not sure how we are doing this but it will work. So I will get a post in hopefully by 9:00 tonight.

Don't forget GT3 - my uncle still has my copy. That is, if you want to play it or anything there. I don't mind whether you bring it or not...

Anyway, yeah that does suck about your mom and dad splitting the time there. We'll have to do a lot of karting and stuff the second part of the week when your dad is here. I wonder if my parents would let me drive you and Dave to Elmers...maybe...I'd guess no, but who knows... I guess we'll just have to play video games when your mom is here! ;-) Btw, yeah, about starting Metroid, that sounds good, starting it in the car during the ride there. So we can talk about how far we've gotten and give each other tips. Actually, I remember IGN saying it was like a pretty short game, so maybe we'll finish it before we get there, but that's fine, we can play through it again together. I haven't gotten it yet, I think I'll do that tomorrow. Also, if we bring out my mom's laptop again, like last year, I have GeneRally and FS2004 loaded on it. FS2004 is so cool - it runs way faster and looks way better on my mom's laptop then our desktop, which is kinda sad. And the joystick that I have works with the laptop, too.

As for MGS2, we had just gotten past the Harrier battle, right? So then, in that history summary, that's close to where you want to stop. I checked our game today, and I'm pretty sure you want to stop reading just a bit past the Harrier battle, at the sentence that goes, "Raiden goes down one level and swims through the flooded corridors, finding a Nikita missile launcher in one of the halls."

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I got my shopping done for plum lake, I got Metriod Fusion, an RF adapter for my gamecube, and a 12 pack of AA batteries. I got a new SOCOM microphone too because mine was broken. I haven't started Metroid Fusion yet, but I wondered, should we wait until we are together to start the game? I think I might just start it on the ride up to Plum Lake.

No I haven't really installed the damage patch yet, I'll go look at the weapons after I write this.

Okay I think this is the stuff I am gonna try to get together tommorrow:
Splinter cell
Indy Car series
Aero Elite Combat Academy (this doesn't run on my PS2 but it did run on dan's, it might run on yours too)
Conflict Zone
Tiger Woods PGA tour
Ace Combat 4
RF adapters for my PS2 and GC
All my GBA stuff
Link Cables for my GBA
my PS2 and GC
My 2 memory cards
and alot of other stuff, that i cant think of right now :)

Somewhere I saw this thing that is a link cable but it used bluetooth so you got this 2 things you plug into your GBA and it worked as a Link cable from 100 feet away, it was called the stealth link or something. I wonder how much it costed, im not sure if they had released it yet though, sounds cool. The only thing is i wonder if there might be a delay and that it would make some lag between the games.

My dad said that my mom and him are splitting the week, first part my dad's gone, second part my mom is gone. It will really kinda suck. hopefully we can go Karting alot, maybe we could get our dads to give us money and you could bring me and dave to elmer's. that would be cool, we could go karting every day!

Monday, August 04, 2003

Hey Eric, how did the visual damage thing in FS2002 work? And, I found this:
Apparently, it adds weapons to FS2002! I haven't tried it, but it looks cool.