Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Wow, Halo lan parties sound That's cool about playing with your cousin Brad. I found this article yesterday on about America's Army, and about how playing tactical squad-based shooters like America's Army and Delta Force:BHD really are teaching kids some of the tactical awareness and skills that the Army is looking for on the battlefield against terrorism; it's actually really cool:

My brother rented Burnout once...that was a fun game. And who exactly is this Corey? What does he do for GI? Is his name in the mag? Does he work for GI, or does he work for a company that's been contracted by GI to do their art? I wasn't quite sure what you meant... Anyway, that's really cool.

Also, I got FS2004 yesterday. Eric, if FS2002 didn't run very well on your comp, FS2004 probably won't either. It ran horribly on my comp until I turned AI traffic and clouds way down...but the weather model is what's so great about FS2004, so that kinda sucks.

Sorry, I haven't been writing I was up at my cousins house for a week. I was up there for my birthday! One of my cousins that is in the NAVY came up from washington! Now I have gotten home for a day and now I am going up to my Eagle river cabin for 4 or 5 days. Which is cool but I want to stay home for a little while. Hey Eric!, we are having the Halo lan party next week and then another one 3 weeks after that! that will be so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was playing with my cousin brad. he is in the Navy and he couldn't kill me in halo. I am going to waste all my brothers friends in the lan parties. I for my b-day which was on July 26 i got burnout 2 point of impacted and 100 dollars from my mom and dad. I beat burnout 2 in 2 days which is 79 gold medals, 73 races, 11 trophies and 6 pursuits. I have the Xbox version which is develipers cut which has 4 or 5 new cars and more paint jobs. The best part about it is the crash mode! My cousin got $67,795,981 In damage. I have pre-ordered Halo 2 and I really want to pre-order Full Spectrum Warrior. Oh and My cousin Corey puts game informer together No i am not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He works at a graphics company and he is so good they are going to pay for colage or how ever you spell it for him as long as he stays working for them!

Well got to go

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hey, for our Plum Lake game I was searching the review archives of PocketIGN and the ones I was looking at were Zelda: A Link to the Past, Rayman 3, Metroid Fusion, or either of the Golden Sun games. What do you think? MF and the GS games aren't two player, tho. Also, have you seen Boktai? It's that GBA game from Hideo Kojima, the guy who directs the Metal Gear series. Boktai is like an action adventure shooter type game, but the cartridge has a sunlight sensor built into it so you have to play it in the sun in order to be able to recharge your weapon. But it won't come out until after Plum Lake.