Thursday, July 24, 2003

Hmm, I didn't see this post on the site either. Weird, maybe it's a bug in the Blogger code or something.

Anyway, yeah, the explosion was pretty crazy. I was just over at the credit card modem thingy on the gas dock, like 30 feet away from the back of the boat, and I was finishing the credit card transaction when I just heard this really loud thud, and I looked over at the boat and it was like pushed down into the water really hard and rocking and pieces of it were flying into the air and into the water... It was pretty lucky that no one got hurt. Btw, how did your dad find out about it?

I think I did see a bomber in SWON. I don't know if you can actually fly them or if they're just AI controlled planes, like you'll have to escort them in your fighters or what. And I haven't seen RS:III yet. I've heard about it, but I haven't read any previews or anything. But the graphics have to be pretty good, becasue the ones in Rogue Leader were awesome, and RS:III must be even better.

I guess we should probably start seriously looking at what game we want to get for Plum Lake. I still don't really know... Btw, I bought The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2, which is a sort of interactive DVD that sort of like shows the making of the game, the behind the scene stuff. It has the background music for each stage and you can control it from the sneaking music to the music when you're caught and when the soldiers alert each other and when you trying to avoid them and back, which is cool. It also has all of the cutscenes (but without sound) and you can pause them at any time and move the camera fully around the ingame stage to see where everything is placed and happening, which is really awesome. It's incredible how much detail is in the game. And there's like concept art and special footage and all the E3 trailers and stuff for the game, and the entire script that they used to record the voiceovers, which includes stage actions and some stuff that didn't make the game. It's all really cool, if you're a huge Metal Gear fan. Oh, and it has some playble VR training missions too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Yeah I did post and publish. I haven't posted for a while and thought it might be that. Thats why it wasnt on the site.

Anyways, we just got back from Office Max buying computer chairs for my sister and me.

My dad told me about how you work down at the marina. He also told me about the guy who had the leak and his boat had an explosion. That must of been pretty crazy.

I know that Secret Weapons Over Normandy is made by Lucas Arts, the people who make Rogue Squadron and all the other star wars games. I heard that it takes place in the months before the normandy invasion. I think that looks really cool. It would be nice if there were bombers, kinda doubt it though.

Speaking of Rogue Squadron, have you seen RS: III it looks really cool. It has nice graphics, and follows the movies story alot more. there isn't alot I know about it right now but it looks nice.

Anyways i am gonna go watch David Letterman. See Ya.

Woah, I just saw your post now in the bottom of the Blogger screen, I didn't see it on the site. Maybe you didn't hit "post&publish" or something. Anyway, Weird Al is cool. I like Grapefruit Diet, hehe. That's cool about that PDA, but I think someone was making a PDA coming out this fall designed for gaming. I don't remember much about it, I think I saw it in an issue of Popular Science. I'll find out more and post about it later on.

Hey, I saw that there's going to be a 10 episode marathon of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on August 3rd. The site said it was from 3pm to 7pm, but I don't know if that's Eastern Daylight time or what time zone or whatever. Btw, have you seen Banzai? That's not a bad show either, bu it's not as good as MXC. I can't believe people are protesting Banzai - they have no sense of humor. Also, I saw that Michael Giacchino, the composer who got forced off the MOH series, is writing the music for Call of Duty, which will be a PC game a lot like MOHAA, and made by a lot of the same guys, too; and he'll be writing the music for some game called Secret Weapons Over Normandy or something like that...I don't remember the name, but it looks really cool, it's a combat flight game in WWII with some really weird airplane designs that didn't make production before the end of the war, but might have if it went on longer. I love his music, and I love WWII planes, so I'm looking forward to that one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I just bought Weird Al's new album, "poodle hat." It is really funny, it's an "enhanced CD" so when you pop it into a computer it has alot of cool stuff, like lyrics, and even Al's home videos. They are really funny. Alot of good songs too on the CD.

I have CFS2, but not train simulator. Right now I don't have CFS2 installed right now though because I needed to get ride of it to make room for Operation Flashpoint on our hardrive.

I was reading my dad's PC magazine and they had PDAs in there and there was one (I think it was the Toshiba Pocket PC e7500) that had 802.11b wireless internet and on the bestbuy site it said that it has explorer on it. So in our house it would work online. That would be so cool to get one of those. I am gonna start to save up for one. I have no idea how much i have, probably like $250 max. I still think it would be awesome to have a PDA even though I don't have that much of a need for one, but still it would be awesome to take the internet around in our house. My sister can do it with her laptop but I just sit by my computer. It would take forever to type something with a stylus but i think it would be kinda fun and when Dan stole his brother's palm pilot and brought it over it was really sweet, I played with the drawing program for pretty long. I even think Pocket PCs have games you can buy. I saw a shelf full of those at office max.

I gonna watch david letterman, hopefully I will post more tomorrow.