Friday, June 06, 2003

Well, this is my first day of summer vacation. Yay.

Hey, this is really cool: next Wednesday, June 11th at 11 a.m. live on SPEED Channel, Juan Montoya and Jeff Gordon are going to do a test session together at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - and switch cars. Montoya will drive Gordon's stock car around the oval and Gordon will drive Juan Montoya's F1 car from last year around the infield oval. It sounds like it's going to be really cool - I wish I had cable. I think I might have one of my friends tape it or go over to my grandpa's house and watch it.

The CART race at Milwaukee was awesome. It was pretty cold, but it was just so awesome to be there. Jourdain led like 235 out of 250 laps or something, but it was really a lot closer than that statistic would show because Oriol Servia and Darren Manning both seemed to have faster cars than Jourdain at times, but Servia kept getting passed by Paul Tracy for second place on the restarts and it would be a great battle between him and PT for second, but it took him so long to get around that he never really challenged Jourdain until the last few laps. And then Paul Tracy's wheel came off, too, which kinda sucked because PT and OS was the best battle on the track. Manning could've maybe won - I think he had the fastest lap of the race - but he spun exiting the pits on cold tires in the middle of the race and he spent most of it trying to make up his lost positions. Also, I had my scanner with and my ear buds and I preprogrammed all the scanner frequencies in so I could listen to all the drivers. It was so cool, and it was really helpful in knowing what was going on because the track PA announcers weren't very good and had now idea what was happening. So when Sebastien Bourdais, one of my favorite drivesr had to pit twice under yellow on like lap 5, I knew what was going on - I heard his crew chief telling him that his engine was overheating and they were going to replace the engine shutters. But the track announcers didn't know that so there was no way I would've known otherwise if I didn't have my scanner. Plus, I could listen to race control and the safety team talking about how they were running the race and when they were going to end yellow periods and stuff like that - it was really cool.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Woah, sry about the countdown for socom there. It really is 133

Well one day of school left. For us it's really done already, tomorrow we go to the city pool for the day us and 200 other 6th graders from South, who know's how many from North Star, and a few from Delong. its gonna be packed there. Eau Claire's city pool kinda sucks it's like 3 feet deep for almost all of it. Oh well at least it's not school.

138 days left until SOCOM 2. It seems like it is alot closer now that it is summer but it really isn't.

I bought Codemaster's Indy Car Series, that is a really fun game. I suck alot at racing sims but I am getting better finally. The game has a really good sense of speed and the handling feels right how it should.