Friday, May 23, 2003

Monty Python isn't going so well - we perform a week from today and none of the kids know their lines yet! If they can just memorize their lines, I think we'll be ok - we have good costumes and stuff. One of my friends who's codirecting, his dad knows someone else who owns this costume warehouse and he just went there and got all the stuff we needed for free. And I spent quite a bit of time getting and editing all the sound effects and music from the movie that we need. The day at Jay Cooke Sate Park was really fun, though. We did it as seventh graders too, so it was like getting to do it all over again, it was really fun. Can't wait until tomorrow (well, it'll probably be today by the time you read this). I'll bring my GBA and all my PS2 games - there's no need to bring my PS2, is there? Hopefully you'll be able to post here before I leave tomorrow. Cya later.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Rumor has it that Vanessa Marshall, the voice actress of Olga Gurlukovich in MGS2 did the voice over of HQ in SOCOM 2. That is cool they got her to do that, Zipper Interactive said in OPM that they are trying to get some well know people to voice some things in SOCOM 2.

They also put shotguns, RPGs, LAWs, and AT-4s in. There is a movie where a seal shoots a AT-4 at the side of a building and it blows the whole buildings wall off. Its pretty cool still can't wait.

It is official that vehicles in socom are NOT playable by the character. Enemies have tanks and other things, but zipper said that it would be not seal like to hop and in an enemy vehicle and drive around. There is at least turrets and airstrikes though.

The countdown is 148 days right now.

Hey mark, how did Monty Python go?