Friday, May 16, 2003

Well i finaly have internet access again, my brother just fixed the router. My 2nd goal in life is to go to E3 just once. I pre-ordered Socom 2: U.S Navy SEALs and 2 months ago or something like that I pre-ordered Halo 2 : the fallen. I made up a game too! it is a little bit retarded but still.... All you need is the ant poison that comes in as drops and that is sticky and ants (They come in from the front door). Then put it by something that will bounce the ant off the wall and will go into the poison. If you flick one into the poison and it sticks there then you get 10 points. If you flick an ant and it gets in but runs out you get 5 points. If you dont get it in at all then 0. Yes it is retarded but it passes the time away!!! I was playing socom and this one guy was glitching and everybody on my team was shooting at the walls and i got the person some how that was glitching. It was quiet funny. I used all of my M-16 A2 rounds to get him.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Oh, and the MGS3 trailer isn't official yet - it was leaked by some anonymous guy who posted it on an obscure Chinese server and it looks like its actually only part of the trailer - the last minute and 15 seconds, so there's probably going to be a lot more when they officially unveil it.

PSP stands for PlayStation Portable, so I think it's just going to be a PSOne, only really small, probably the size of a music cd player. Just big enough for PSOne games to play in them.

I've heard of that IndyCar game by Codemasters. I've seen screenshots, it looks pretty good. But I wonder how the gameplay is going to be. Codemasters racing games like Pro Race Driver (which I have) and Colin McRae Rally (I have the original for PSX, I want to get CMR3 for PS2) are usually really fun and sometimes the physics feel fun and right, but they're not exactly realistic.

Oh My God. The MGS3 trailer on IGN is awesome. I remember when IGN first posted the intro to MGS2 and I just watched it over and over and over and over and over was just so amazing - the graphics, the music - it was incredible. And now I just did the exact thing with the MGS3 trailer. It's only about 1:15 long, but Wow. The music - I wonder if Harry Gregson-Williams will write it again, like MGS2. Yeah, Snake Eater sounds kinda funny, but just wait until you see the trailer...

I just watched a bit of the lunar was ok, I wanted to use my telescope to look at it, but the lens like fogged up or something so it didn't work too well...

Anyway, tomorrow I get to on a field trip all day because I'm co-directing a 7th grade production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! It's so sweet. They're going to Jay Cooke State Park tomorrow and half the day they spend on a nature hike and the other half they work on the play, so it's going to really fun.

PSP (I think its that) is looking pretty nice. I have only caught it on the TechTV E3 update, so I was wondering. Is it cartridge based? or is it CD based? and does it run 3D graphics?

SOCOM 2 is shaping up pretty nice, it is said to have more of a story line than SOCOM.

MGS3 is something I haven't looked at yet, but sounds really cool. No offense or anything but Snake Eater? sounds kinda funny.

Hmm I am downloading a trailer for this one game on Xbox PS2 and PC, its like Indy Car series or something like that Codemasters publishes it (the OPFlash people). Oh sweet its done. Dang real player wont run. Oh well.

Ha our concert is tonight and we had a pretty good concert for the school but the trumpets blew the last song at the end. It would have been a great end, but they never played and that left us playing the bass part with no melody, it kinda sucked and our band teacher is gonna be pissed for our real concert.

Can't wait for you to come down here. My dad started to run the filter for our pool, yesterday we had to clean the pump filter and it was pretty nasty, it is a basket maybe like 1/2 a foot tall by 1/2 foot wide. Well it was half way filled up with dead worms, there are alot of worms in our pool I think they are commiting suicide by jumping in. Today we have to put in Algaecide (I still laugh at how that sounds) We already cholrine shocked the pool and this weekend we start heating it, so it will be ready for you to come.

Hey the trailer worked finally, its pretty cool.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

So it's official: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is set for release in 2004, and Hideo Kojima *is* directing it - God, I can't wait until it comes out. I thought Kojima said he would leave the MGS series after MGS2, but I guess not. I'm downloading the trailer right now - GameSpot said there are Soviet/communist references in the trailer and so that MGS3 might be a Cold War-era prequel to the series. Look at the screenshots and they're all in the jungle, and Snake really does look a lot younger. And the GT4 screenshots look great, but I'm over my limit now for media on IGN today so I can't download the movie.

And of course, PlayStation Portable looks awesome. That'll be so cool to take on the road - I really think it'll blow Game Boy away.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Ok guys, I sent you your invitations to the test blog, located at Just join the test blog and log into Blogger normally and choose the test blog and the new interface software will show up. I really like it and it all seems to work, I haven't run into any bad bugs so far. So if we want, we can switch over to Dano.

Good luck with your band concert, I'm sure you'll do fine. And even if you don't it's not like anybody will notice. I had a strings concert on Monday, then I played the violin part in Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) with a couple friends in the school talent show today, and then tomorrow I'm playing a hymn with a couple other people in a chapel service.

Did you ever play the PSX game The Italian Job, based on the old British version, when we were at Plum Lake last year? It's a fun little game, a lot like Driver.

I don't mind English class, or writing. I freelance every now and then for the school newspaper. I have a story due tomorrow where we had to choose a picture taken during the Dust Bowl in the American southwest in the 30s and then write a story about the person or the object in the picture because we're reading The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. It's a fun thing to do, I like creative writing, but mine is really weird and gross and (hopefully) depressing. I kinda freaked myself out while I was writing it because I would suddenly get an idea for a plot twist and I'd be like, "Hey, I can have the dog do this!...Wow!...That's pretty cool...........Oh my God! That's nasty! That's horrible..."

Well E3 has broughten some good news on SOCOM. So far I think it is looking like there won't be a delay (that is my opionion though). Screenshots look much better and weapons,players,buildings,and many other things look smoothed out and are shiny. I can't see much of a hint that there could be real-time shadows, like splinter cell. countdown is 154. For more see ahhhhhhhhhh crap I am over the media limit for today, this sucks I would subscribe if it was free, oh well I will be looking again tommorrow.

Ha, we have a band concert thursday and our band sucks, we aren't gonna pull off a very good concert. All our band teachers are pissed off at us because we suck.

oh about the Italian Job looks awesome. What is cooler than little cars driving through subways???

I have to write an editorial for English, I hate English class, I just dont like to write.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Yes Plum Lake is gonna be hard this year. It just wont be the same, and my sister has swimming the other years I think too. I hope we can still golf and go-kart.

Well I reserved SOCOM II today, so I should get a copy of it. Well I think the countdown is like 155 now.

Halio Castroneves got pole!!! I hope he can pull off a third victory. That would be really cool. I think he has a good chance to win too, now with pole and everything. But if he has pole he might lead the start of the race and then start to fall back into the pack later in, well thats what I think. Still I hope he wins.

Wow, man, that does suck... That's really sad, I can't imagine Plum Lake without all of us there...

Blogger has released a new version of their software - this new version is called Dano. Right now they're still testing it and they won't be switching over all of the blogs to Dano for another month or so, but we can switch over to Dano now if we want. I'm not sure if everything will work out, so I'll create a new sample blog just to make sure it'll all still work, and you can take a look at it and if you like it, we can switch over to Dano early, before they make the actual change. I'll try to have a Dano sample blog up later tonight - right now I have a school strings concert to play at. Talk to ya later.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Yes E3 is gonna show some pretty cool things. I am looking forward for the remake of MGS I haven't played it and have missed out on some story line.

Plum lake is gonna suck this year. My sister has high school swimming that week and she wont be there, that means one of my parents is gonna have to stay home too, they are talking about spliting the week half my mom is there and half my dad is there. It wont be the same with out my dad there to crack jokes.

anyways gotta go school tommorrow, socom countdown is 156, that is pretty long

Hey, you know how Michael Giacchino's not writing the music for the MOH games anymore? Well, the guy they've hired now to write the music for the next Medal of Honor game, Rising Sun, apparently has already worked on Hollywood movies, and his name is Christopher Lennertz. I went to his personal website, and he has some samples of music that he's written. A couple of the samples are military-style tracks that I bet are what his MOHRS score is going to sound like. Check it out here:

Then on the left side, click audio, then click on the arrows next to "Freedom" and "Eulogy to the Republic." Chris Lennerzt is actually really good - the music has a much more epic and full sound to it - more like John Williams - than Michael's music, which focused more on pure emotion and melody, but I wonder how Chris's action music will sound - that's where Michael's music was awesome. I'm really disappointed that EA would just turn their back on Michael, but I guess it's all good because now he can go to different companies and write different types of music instead of just WWII action music, and then hopefully he can get noticed break into Hollywood.