Thursday, April 24, 2003

Hey Eric-
Yeah, you're right about the "hook up" for the paratroopers. As their hook slides off the end as they jump out it pulls their ripcord on their chutes. I'd really like to get the Band of Brothers DVD set but I don't want to spend $90 on it...especially with me paying for flying lessons. Black Hawk Down was an awesome book. It was way better than the movie. Have you seen the movie?

Anyway, Splinter Cell looks awesome. Once we get a new computer I want to get Ghost Recon. I heard its the best ever online tactical shooter and I heard the PS2 version sucks.

I rented Agent Under Fire once - I played it while I was over at a friends house with a couple friends one night. It was really fun - we played multiplayer all the time - but now I have Red Faction, and that's a sweet multiplayer game. I really haven't been keeping up with the GBA lately...I'm not sure about what game to get for it...seems kinda funny to be talking about Plum Lake, its like four months away and I swear it seems like we just got back from it, lol. I saw that Advance Wars 2 is coming out on June 23rd...that could be cool. I don't remember - did we ever play Advance Wars last year at Plum Lake? I don't think we did...I bet it would be awesome in multiplayer.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

My Splinter Cell case has the typo on it. It says instead of, "PS2 Memory Card Required-492kb" it says, "PS2 Memory Card Required-492mb." Lol a memory card is 8 mega bytes. Some of the cases have KB and some MB. I am still on CIA level, though i am farther and now have the SC2000 M.A.W.S. It is a cool gun and all but i like the handgun because you can shoot with the handgun around hostages. I wish you could take the MP5s though, those are cool, on the GameFAQs message board there was a post of splinter cell 2 called Splinter Cell Shadow Strike. Sticky Shockers and Airfoil Rings are fun, it is so funny to hit guys with Airfoil Rings, they are like Nerf darts that knock guys out. I like all the server rooms in splinter cell, for some reason i just like how they look. Mark any Ideas for a GBA game for Plum Lake, what about that new zelda, with the multiplayer it looks kinda fun. Just so you remember i have stuff you might not have read down thereVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVlol those are Arrows. Hey also in the rumors section of Game Informer there was a topic about SOCOM 2, I think by the time our clan is organized that might be out, maybe we should shoot for that now that the clan is taking a while, and dan's Mic is broken, Hey Dan try my blockbuster idea lol ;) they stole my game take there mic. (my blockbuster idea is switch mics with blockbuster by renting socom and switching in the mics, Also one time Blockbuster i had rented Bond-Agent Under Fire and i acidenttally gave them my Nightfire copy, oh well i got it back.

Monday, April 21, 2003

I am stuck on the CIA level in Splinter Cell. I still don't get the point of the level, Sam Fisher is American, the CIA is American, why don't we all get along. I mean I am infiltrating the CIA and I work for Third Echelon, they are pretty much the same thing. I love terrorist conversations, like the one in the kitchen a terrorist spits in the chefs food and when Grinko's driver is peeing on the wall. Anyways I got to get to bed, school tommorrow, that sucks, I hate school, English sucks, at least in gym we aren't doing jump roping, that is the stupidest gym class.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Wow that is cool. Band of Brothers is one of the best books I have read, Black Hawk Down was a good book too. I have started watching the Band of Brothers movies with Dan, we are one video 2, part 2. Spearhead seems like an awesome game, If we ever get nice enough of a computer to run it. I really like the C-47, it is a cool plane, I like the kind with the black and white stripes on the wings, I think it is like a D-day paint thing. I am stuck on Operation Flashpoint's campaign so lately I have played the multiplayer, it is really fun hopping in tanks and helicopters with your guys, kind of like Battlefield 1942 just more modern and a little more realistic. This Easter I got Splinter Cell on my PS2, It is an amazing game! The PS2 graphics aren't as smooth as the Xbox ones though, some of the lighting and real-time shadows are taken out too. I love taking the guys hostage! If there is another terrorist by them when you take them hostage they yell, "Let him go" or sometimes the guy you just took hostage yells, "Dont let him shoot me!" Wow its fun you can even shoot other guys while you have them in a choke hold. One question, in Band of Brothers, when they "hook up" they put the hook on that line, what does that do? I think it might pull the ripcord right when they leave the plane?