Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Yes, sadly I did. At first I thought it was an april fools joke. The mayor is a completely immature idiot. If he really did think it was a "Safety Risk" then why would he do it at 11 at night. Most people don't destroy things at night. I think I read that The Friends Of Megis are suing that guy. I was looking at the picture in the newspaper yesterday and it is horrible, the larges X's cut throught the runway and then trenches cut throught the taxi ways. What was he thinking? That he would be re-elected for saving the entire city from terrorist attack? God that is so stupid. Maybe the FAA can press charges too. Another note, a terrorist could easily destroy the Sears Tower by flying a plane from O'hare. It will be a complete mess at O'hare too, commercial airliners and a mixture of small prop planes will be near impossible to control and if a terrorist wanted to take down a building why would he use a Cessna or a small jet, If the terrorists were actually smart they would use a large airplane.
I know this is stupid but what will FS2004 do? Megis was always the default airport. I wish they have it there still or make a patch to keep it there. I think they made one so the WTC was those beams of light. I don't think it would be too bad to still include it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Did you guys hear?!?!?! Two nights ago, the mayor of Chicago, who has previously said that he wants to shut down Meigs Field and turn it into a park, had city workers sneak bulldozers and concrete cutting equipment onto Meigs under the cover of darkness at around 11 pm and proceeded to demolish the runway!!! The bulldozers and other equipment dug and cut up huge Xs in the runway surface. And he did this because he said that it was a homeland security risk, that someone could fly a plane into a building in Chicago from Meigs. Doesn't he realize that someone could do that just as easily from Chicago O'Hare or Midway airports? Or that the air traffic control facilities at Meigs are the ones that regulate traffic near downtown Chicago, so that by shutting the airport down, there is now no one monitoring that airspace; and that now planes will have to use either O'Hare or Midway, which are already overloaded with traffic, which puts a harder strain on air traffic controllers who not only have to deal with more planes but have to monitor the airspace near downtown now that Meigs ATC is closed? Or that paramedic helicopters use Meigs Field and if there *was* a terrorist attack in downtown Chicago that Meigs would be the most useful place for choppers to take off from and rescue people? Or that it's just plain stupid and childish to resort to using "homeland security" as an excuse to build a park, and to demolish the airport in such an arrogant way? The entire city is truly ticked off at him for doing so, and so is the aviation community around the world... Meigs was a one of a kind facility and a truly unique feature of Chicago's lakefront, and now it's been massacred...

Look at pictures of the ruined runway at - it's truly sad!