Thursday, March 27, 2003

hmmm? do you think the wright flyer will be authentic in FS2004? Didn't it fly for 12 seconds and go 128 feet? That would get you to the end of the runway at megis field and it needed all that wood stuff to get it to takeoff. Maybe the later models of it did.

I was getting shot down in AECA by AAA and SAMs fortified in this one village so I dropped 12 bombs and strafed the city a few times. It was fun.

I got these planes today:
OH-6 winter Camoflauge
Ah-1S winter camoflauge

I think they gave AECA a bad rank because that its more of a simulation. It doesnt have a good story line like AC4. It is frustrating. Okay i know those were not sentences and that i am not capitilizing I's, Who needs grammar its thursday

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Cool, Aero Elite sounds really good. I saw a couple reviews that said it wasn't very good but I'll check it out again. Btw, check out the Flight Simulator site at They've updated the page with info about FS 2004 - all the historical planes look really fun, and I saw most of them at Oshkosh the last two years, so that'll be fun when I get to fly them in the game. I just hope I can get my dad to buy a new pc sometime soon so I can turn all the graphics options on FS 2004 all the way up...the clouds look great.

Finally, I am at the last training stage of Rotor B trainging. Sadly now I have to take on Rotor F training. I am now pretty good with the OH-6 Littlebird. I don't care how long it takes but I want to fly an apache

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Wow, I bought Aero Elite Combat Academy. It is so awesome. More of a sim than an arcade style game. Though there is an arcade mode where there is unlimited missles, other than that you have whatever your plane can hold. Sadly I haven't shot a thing down. I have taken about 50 some pictures of a C-1 transport. Anyways I'm having alot of fun currently I have the following planes:
AV-8 Harrier
I am having the most fun with the harrier. It is so fun to go into the city level and screw around. I was landing on rooftops, Baseball fields, and bridges. I also have lots of fun landing on the highway and using my harrier as a car. I also have found that you can refuel in the air. It is really hard to get the little fuel probe in the tankers hose. It is a complex job of matching speed and altitude. I think this is one of the most realistic games. I have gotten completely frustrated by Rotor B training i'm about ready to take a hammer to my PS2. The Helo controls are pretty screwed up, maybe its just the OH-6, i am so angry.