Friday, March 14, 2003

So that means that guys not writing the music for the next MOHs that really blows. I wonder if they can get anyone whos as good as him, did he write the "German Drinking Song" that song is awesome. The "German Drinking Song" would be very boring with out Drunken Nazis.

Tribes is an amazing game, there is a lot of replay value. There is so much to do! You can choose to build inventory stations or turrets or attack the enemy. There are four vehicles the transport, bomber, fighter and grav cycle (pretty much a motorcyle that can hover.) The transport can hold 4 of your own guys and you can fly them around. There are three armor classes and they affect the weapons, vehicles and speed of you. here is the classes and abilitys

Weapons-3 different (only class that can carry sniper rifle, cannot to mortar of missle launcher)
vehicles-all (only class to be able to pilot grav cycle)

weapons-5 different(cannot carry sniper rifle or mortar)
Vehicles- bomber, fighter, transport (cannot pilot grav cycle)

weapons- i forgot, close to 10 (only class able to carry mortar)
vehicles- none

its a great game with alot of features. sadly no voice chat or text chat or menu chat (a menu to select phrases) but heres a way to get menus, (that is if you get the game) in your buddylist put CHAT-TEST as one of your buddies. then in any Inevitable server (they are the ones with the big arrows on the left pointing to the name) hit the square button that brings up menus with menus with menus inside them. yes this is a long post hope it doesn't hurt the website.

Wow dan and i were playing socom and i am a little better on our servers it seems like a lot of people are cheating, or really good. my high score was 7 kills, 5 deaths it was that until i killed myself with a bunch of claymores. Sadly in socom dan and i can't figure out what happened to the USN clan sony was working on the clan system and we can't get into the clan management window, dan tryed emailing sony, they haven't responded yet.

Dan we gotta play socom tonight.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Hey guys-

Eric, thanks for the birthday gift!!!...although I haven't opened it yet - I'm waiting until I have a family party tomorrow night. And sorry, but I haven't checked my email lately, but Aero Elite sounds like an awesome game. And I have to say that I haven't seen CSI, ever. I don't watch too much tv...I watched all of the episodes of Kingpin, but other than that I watch no tv shows regularly. I try to watch the news, especially the BBC World News at 10, but not much other than that. Although I watched Alias once because the guy who writes the music for that show is Michael Giacchino, and he's the guy who wrote the music for the Medal of Honor games. But he's left EA now and he won't be writing any more music for MOH because if he did, EA would make him not be able to work for certain other companies for three years, and he didn't want to do that. It's too bad, because the soundtrack for MOH Frontline has won just about every award from the gaming academies it can possibly win. Btw, how is Tribes? I thought about getting that game - I heard Tribes 2 for PC was great. And I took Marksman off your player description.

About Aero Elite: Combat Academy, Dan you'll like this, for helicopters they have OH-6s that sounds got it AH-6 and MH-6, and it looks like it too. Can't wait to fly littlebirds.

I've heard rumors they had the SR-71 in the game, doubt it though with no combat capabilites it wouldn't be that fun. But I have heard a few things don't take these for real though they could be just rumors going around the gameFAQs boards:

1. that you sometimes are scrambled to intercept incoming bombers.
2. there is chaff and Flares (automatically deployed though :( i like going crazy with Chaff its fun!)
3. there are some recon missions
4. to unlock planes you do training missions.

thats only a few cool ones check out the boards at

Hey guys, I just started playing SOCOM again today. I haven't been playing for a while because I was playing Tribes: Aerial Assault, that game is quite addicting. I guess I haven't played so long that it deleted my account. I re-made the account and am the same name, [USN] Fork122. But I guess socom thinks [USN] Fork122 is dead and auto kicked me from the clan. So Dan if you can invite me back in to USN that would be a big help. I hope I can get back in. Just to tell you I still trying to get my original playing quality back. Mark if you could take Marksman off the player description of me that would be cool, I currently aren't considering accuracy. I'm having more fun with M249 SAWs (is that what the SEALs have in the game?) and MP5s.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

About the CSI game, are any of you CSI fans??? I love the show. I hope that the game is true to the series.

Yeah, Dan somethings screwed up with your webpage. Mark in my E-mail sorry, its Aero Elite: Combat Academy, not Aero Combat Academy Elite. Can't wait for the CSI game to come out! Dan Bungie Studios Delayed Halo 2 until 2/2/2004, sorry about that needed to tell you. Hey but the original Halo is realeasing on PC on 7/1/03, just pray that has online!

Happy 16th birthday mark.