Mobile Chicane
February 6, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League--Sprint Pro

Monaco, Lotus-Ford 49, Alison Hine's setup

Another race at Monaco and another 5th place finish. But this was be far the most rewarding. This was the first race that I think I actually could have had a shot at winning if more things had gone my way--I was hanging out for a long time just behind the driver that finished second, less than 7 seconds behind. But a lot of things went my way anyway, so I'm just glad to grab 5th again. There was a bit of wall brushing again tonight, but I didn't spin and my race was overall a lot cleaner. I qualified 5th and within a few laps I was hanging back behind a battle for 2nd, hoping that maybe they'd take each other out. They didn't, but it was a great battle and just as fun to watch from about 10 carlengths back as it would have been to participate in, and a lot safer. However, with about 6 laps to go, all three of us ran into a wrecked Honda in the middle of Tabac. The two in front of me got through, but I wasn't as lucky and ended up on my side, forced to shift-r. Fortunately, my keyboard wasn't frozen and I was able to get started. (After the race, it seemed that the escape button was frozen, preventing me from exiting my car. Weird. I'll have to check this out.) The next 5 or so laps were all laps "in the zone." It had been a looong time since I had driven like this before, but suddenly I was pushing myself to the limit. I ended up stringing together three consecutive 1.27.xx laps, with a 1.27.29, a PB, on the second to last lap. I didn't make up any positions and remained in 5th place, but it was nevertheless the most fun I have had anywhere, anytime, in a long, long while.