Mobile Chicane
February 5, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - Spec Pro

Monaco, Ferrari 312, default setup

Tonight was the night for the Spec Jr and Spec Pro divisions of the WSL. All drivers race the same car with the default setup--only fuel amounts and steering ratio adjustments are allowed. The car selected tonight was the raspy and throaty Ferrari 312. As was the case last night, my race was one of missed braking points, brushed walls, corners clipped too tightly and a spin or two. However, the polesitter (who also is generally considered to be the only alien in our league) discoed with a connection problem on the first lap, and many others up front wrecked more than I did and I grabbed another 5th place finish, out of 11 cars who finished. My two teammates didn't fare as well--one of them lost four places on the last lap. Still, it's Monaco, and it was definitely fun.