Mobile Chicane
February 4, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - practice race

Monaco, Lotus-Ford 49, default setup

To finish first, first you must finish. Nowhere is that more true than at Monaco. Tonight was the WSL's weekly practice race at the venue which will be used for the Spec and Sprint races the following nights. Drivers from both divisions, Pro and Jr, can compete in the practice race, and no points are awarded. As always, atrition was key at Monaco and I was able to come home with a 5th place finish thanks to wrecks up front. But it wasn't a very clean race for me--I had a bit of unintentional wallriding at Tabac and I also spun coming out of the tunnel only to find that my keyboard wouldn't respond. This kept me from resetting my car, so I had to loop it and rejoin the action. I also spun in the chicane in some close racing on the last lap, as did the guy I was racing. But overall, as this was my first ever online race at Monaco (well over a year online with GPL and tonight was my first!), I had a blast.