Mobile Chicane
February 25, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - practice race

Spa - Lotus-Ford 49 - default setup w/ 6 laps of fuel

My race was a hilarious highlight reel of crashes.  I just barely avoided a mess at the start because someone had accidentally put himself in someone else's car.  I think I manage to spin at just about every corner, and twice at the right hander after Masta I just ran too far to the left and rammed either the hay bales or the hedges.  I got involved in a battle the last lap for second to last place and we traded positions at least four times because we kept spinning and passing each other.  For fun, I spun it backwards coming over the ridge towards the checkered flag and crossed the line spinning.  Also, my right, upshift paddle on my Thrustmaster Ferrari Force Feedback wheel busted; it lost all of it's tension - not a surprise.  Seems nobody has owned one without breaking at least one.