Mobile Chicane
February 19, 2002


Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill

World Sprint League - Spec Pro

Watkins Glen (67) - Honda - default setup w/ 20 laps of fuel

Well, I didn't get any practice in, and it showed.  I qualified decently, 5th out of 10, I think, but I had a warp-induced crash through the esses and I spun a lot of times, too many times to remember.  I remember one of them - I was trying to hold someone off for next to last place and it looked in my mirrors as if he made a move under braking for the Outer Loop.  He actually didn't, but I couldn't tell whether or not he did and at the last second I decided to take a high line and leave room.  But trying to figure out whether or not I should distracted me from my driving and I spun anyway, lol.  I ended up dead last, but only ten people showed up so I guess it's not all that bad when it comes to the point standings.  I was in 5th in the Spec Pro division coming into tonight's race, and I think I've only dropped a two or three places afterwards.